Thursday, March 19, 2009

3rd Blog Anniversary

Wow, tomorrow I celebrate three years of inanity on Who'd have guessed that with my infamous attention span I sustained this blog for three long years?

Oh the hours and hours of spewing trivialities, of uploading the masterpieces of my camwhoring, of aggrandizing my otherwise boring life. Could you imagine how much effort I spent on this little shrine to my skinny ass?

Interestingly, may pumapatol sa kabaklaan ko. I do have readers despite the sheer mindlessness of my posts. If there's anything I proved through this blog it is that kabaklaan sells. From two readers last year I managed to double my publique to a grand total of four! I can't be prouder.

What amazed me most about blogging is how it connected me to people who I would not have met in any other way. That for me is the best part of blogging so far.

Mostly it all started with me leaving a comment on someone's blog that captures my interest. And then a few exchanges of comments later we decided to YM and so on. Of course the chemistry was almost instant coz both of us had been following each other's blogs.

Many of them are not BKK-based; mostly Filipinos overseas. It was not until they dropped by the City of Angels did I have the chance to finally see them beyond their persona as bloggers.

Within the past year or so, I breathed the same air with some of gay blogdom's superstars.

First there was the itinerant [G], followed by the queen of Khmerlandia, Fuchsiaboy. The three of us eventually decided to wreak havoc in Laos in mid 2008 and we have been BFFs since then. Virtually no day goes by without us "processing" something.

In the last few months I also had the wonderful opportunity to meet Kiks and Kiel. Both have a huge following among Filipino gay bloggers. So you would understand why hours before meeting them I was in a quandary over what to wear. It's like a first date, no? You have to make a good impression. Also knowing how fierce Kiks and Kiel are I don't want to be outwerqed. Choooooozzzz!

The only BKK-based blogger I've met so far is the hugely popular Bangkok Dreamer of Bangkok of the Mind, who I had beer with Bitch of Bangkok. I swear I felt like I was meeting Madonna or someone equally iconic. Really, Bangkok Dreamer is no diva but in fact he made me feel at ease way before my beer arrived on the table.

And of course, just a couple of weeks ago I was blown away when I finally met some of the biggest names in Filipino gay blogdom: Lyka and Her Stepsisters.

If before I only watched videos of them prancing in their home-made gowns, I was enthralled to see Lyka Bergen, Mama O, and Ekra Tan in the flesh (Jezebel Patel was on tour with the Moscow Ballet).

Di ba, it's tantamount to meeting mythical creatures like the Three Magi for instance? Or the Three Musketeers? Or the Three Blind Mice? But no, Lyka and Her Stepsisters exist! They eat, smoke, drink, strut, dance, flirt, and laugh like the rest of us.

For roughly five days I had absolutely a wonderful time showing them around BKK.

One evening, I decided to bring them to Nana, one of Bangkok's main red light districts. The place is made up of three floors of bars featuring girls in various states of undress gyrating under flashing lights. I just wanted them to get a feel of the place so we walked around, peeking into the curtains that separate the men from the... uhhhmmm... bayots.

When we reached the second floor Mama O suddenly stopped in his tracks and, in an Ilonggo accent, said: "Tayo na day. Di ko na kaya." And this was only two bloody minutes after we reached Nana, ha? In fact, Lyka Bergen was also thinking of the same.

Aha, only the stench of vagina would shock the bayots from San Francisco. So for the next few days we limited our nights of debauchery within the gay area of Silom.

Anyway, that's just one snippet of the time I shared with Lyka and Her Stepsisters. Tse!

On that note, I dedicate the third anniversary of my blog to my blogger friends who made blogging more fierce and fabulous. A million thanks for the inspiration, and definitely for the friendship.

And to my dear four readers... I would like to believe that I don't care so much for you, but I sincerely do. I deeply appreciate your feedback, especially coz virtually everyone had been nice. Thanks for the support, thanks for the advice, and thanks for the occasional bitchiness.

Please feel free to tell me what you want to read more in this blog (duh, as if I'm not revealing way too much already).

Whew, 485 posts so far. Just stay tuned for mawr, bitches.


mel beckham said...

Happy anniversary te!

I wish you good health, more men and more fabulous blogging years to come!

Stay fierce! Hihi

kiel said...

congrats ng marami kawadjan. may your blog longevity only be outlasted by janice dickenson. chos!

pero eche ka di mo pa ako sinasagot sa mga tanong ko re: your new beau...

man of the rose said...

ganda! congrats sa iyong ikatatlong taong anibersaryo ng pagba-blog! mwah!

Yj said...

happy 3rd birthday to your oh so fabulous blog...

more happy blogging years to come....

The Zen Bitch said...

congrats! zana magkita na tayo para makasali na ako nang tuluyan sa iyong sirkulo de amigas!

Anonymous said...

Sure I will stay tuned.
Thanks to Bangkok Dreamer I got to know your blog. And I follow you both now nearly for two years. Do enjoy your blog nearly every week. When you meet your Mom again give her a firm hug, she is great and give her your sincere affection.


Luis Batchoy said...

happy annivey kawadjan

Jase/"Gayzha" said...

Kongreyts Kawadjan! I love your blog. BFF (Blogger Friend Forever!)

mrs.j said...

happy anniv po... sosyal wish i could visit din bangkok pero pass nako sa mga keps ng nana :P

burrito said...

congrats! teka, asan ang pics with the stepsisters???

Dawn Selya said...

Congratulations. It's nice to have your point of view out there... may more exciting posts and forged friendships come your way!

Was Once said...

It made past the terrible twos,
and now walks on it own
....and on legs not quite
as great as yours!

fuchsiaboy said...

mwah! ;)

Gram Math said...

congratulations to you and more power !!!

burrito said...

btw, what happened sa blog ng lasestrellas?

BB said...

congratulations kawadjan on your anniversary...time DOES fly!
out of the FOUR readers of your blog, I must be the only non-pinoy one:)
one question: are the increasingly appearing pictures of gorgeous men in fashion shoots an attempt to lure a FIFTH reader to your blog?;)

kawadjan said...

GIRLS!!! Thank you. Salamat. Khop khun kaaaaaa. I'm so touched. You love me... you really love meeeeee...


Goring said...

maligayang bati sa iyo kaibigan.. nawa'y pagpalain ka sa mga susunod pang kabanata ng pagsusulat


Bkkdreamer said...

Congratulations on your blog's third aniversary - and thank you for the fulsome praise. You write one of the most colourful, entertaining and truly gay blogs in Bangkok. Well done.

kawadjan said...

goring: salamat, bakla. you have always been a source of good material for this blog. choz!

bkkdreamer: thank you so much for those kind words coming from you... i'm flattered.

patrick said...

congratulations. ^_^

you know, i learned about your blog when I tried googling my online alias, and i found one enlisted in yours, and i'm grateful to you for that.

but then, i loved your queer style of writing and your topics,.

stay fabulous. ^_^

kawadjan said...

patrick: thanks a lot for the encouragement. cheers!

StyleAnywhere said...

happy 3rd anniversary! and oh, i plan to go to thailand! maybe,i'l see you too! hehe


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