Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Processing: Selfish Edition

Agent San Franciso: a friend said we are good at convincing ourselves that what we did is always right

Agent BangCock: hahahaha. well ganyan naman talaga dapat!

Agent BangCock: everything is an illusion anyway. so we have to create the illusion that best serves us.

Agent San Franciso: i totally agree.

Agent San Franciso: what is difficult is to convince other people. but who cares no?

Agent BangCock: yeah! deadma na yan.

Agent BangCock: you are only accountable for your own sanity. other people can take care of themselves

Agent BangCock: selfish ba? but who is not selfish these days?

Agent San Franciso: not really. there's nothing wrong with taking care of ourselves

Agent BangCock: very much so. coz nobody else would.

Agent San Franciso: indeed

Agent San Franciso: at the end of d day, if everything fails, you only have yourself as your refuge

Agent BangCock: korak


Yj said...

a friend jaz told me i should start treating my self right and start loving myself...

now i read this...

how hard can it be? i guess it's time na nga, na pagtuunan ko rin ng pansin ang sarili ko....

thanks for posting this....

mel beckham said...

korek. how else would we make other people happy if we ourselves are not happy. dapat maging selfish muna, make ourselves happy first so we would be happy in making other people happy. Hahaha!

kawadjan said...

yj: you're welcome, sweetie. if you need some processing, my hotline is open 24 hrs. i charge one baht per minute. ching!

mel: well said miss colombia! now, will you please step on the side so that the judges can have one last look at you... ladies and gentlemen, miss colombia.

Dexter Mejia said...

i am a gay blogger and I am very much married.

kawadjan said...

dexter: good for you, dahling.


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