Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Taking Chances

First there was this post from G's blog.

And then minutes ago I watched this 12-minute short film (for the love of God, please watch this touching clip).

Are these signs?!

To tell or not to tell?

To make a move or not?

Where do I get the courage?


jericho said...

whoa. B should see this. haha. nice one ;)

G's Ex said...

not to tell
not to make move
then...not to be hurt!

Was Once said...

The entire film the other person is solely what you(or he or her) created in their own mind. This fantasy of what they could be, will quickly fade and is replaced by what and who they really are. Once you realize this you are more likely to make moves with a clear idea that they could be anything, a murderer, a hot but narcissistic man, a player, or even a speech disabled date. At which time you do finally get to know the real person as friend...then you can work later on the possibilities of dating. Worse case is you just watch the film in reverse, and you are back to square one!
Life is way too short to have fears based on our fragile ego ...that when wisdom finally hits realize it is solely based on nothing.

Plus, didn't you want to be single forever?

neil said...

would have been nicer if it was another man in the office window

although gays would use windows messenger and not waste paper

jt said...

Sunggab na bakla! Nalalapit na ang gunaw.

kiel said...

sabi ni ate celine in her song that has the same title as your blog post:

'you don't know about my past
i don't have a future figured out
and maybe this is going too fast
and maybe it's not meant to last

what do you say to taking chances?
what do you say to jumping off the edge,
never knowing
if there's solid ground below
or hand to hold
or hell too pay
but what do you say?'

yun lang.

Yj said...

when an opportunity present itself, GRAB ka ateh...

always think that NEXT TIME might never come....

goring said...

I love! sabi nga nila you can never can tell kung kelan ulit ang susunod na pagkikita so make the most out of it!

Ekra Tan said...

asus... ang manhid naging romantico daw... tseh!

ang haba ng SHORT FILM NA YAN HA!!! 5 minutes lang sana...

at kelan ka pa naging luvy duvy bakla ka.


kawadjan said...

jericho: zeeeeeno si B?

G's ex: ...and not to experience some of life's pleasures?

was once: single forever? that's just one option. haven't closed my self to possibilities. now you say... CHOZ!

neil: could not agree more! and their first message would be: "top or bottom?".

jt: takot ako eh. sa sunggab, not sa gunaw.

kiel: winner ka talaga. dapat talaga title ng blog mo is "life as a musical".

yj: easy to say, but hard to do, no?

goring: isa ka pa. under observation muna to. venus retrograde pa!

ekra: gaga. i'm a closet romantic... shhhhh...

Anonymous said...

ang galing.


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