Friday, March 27, 2009

Processing: To Blog or To Date Edition

Agent BangCock: did you not notice na halos lahat ng bloggers na bading eh single?

Celia Rodriguez: hahhahaha

Agent BangCock: well except sa yo... but most di ba? tama ba ang observation kez?

Celia Rodriguez: oo nga

Agent BangCock: why kaya? there should be some correlation between being single and how much time you spend blogging or dating

Celia Rodriguez: kasi nga in your own words... ang taas!

Agent BangCock: ang taas talaga natin ning kase cocooned tayo in our own little, idealistic world.

Agent BangCock: in fact, it might not just be idealistic, but more of narcissistic. scary!

Celia Rodriguez: kasi i think blogging is almost a dead giveaway na ang tao itong has a tendency to intellectualize experiences

Agent BangCock: ay tama!!! korak.

Celia Rodriguez: kaya hayun

Agent BangCock: kaya nawawalan ng sense of adventure, ng sense of spontaneity

Agent BangCock: kawawa... or maybe not

Celia Rodriguez: hindi naman. mas nagkakaroon lang ng doktrina, ng dogma on what should and should not be; lalo na sa relasyon

Agent BangCock: hmmmm... korak. kase iniisip natin ang pag-ibig ay isang blog template. nahuhulog lahat ng tags sa tamang post at ang right column ay always expected to include the links.

Celia Rodriguez: hahahaha! winner

Agent BangCock: kaya feeling natin ang pagibig ganun din, pwedeng i-align at i-classify nang ganun kadali

Celia Rodriguez: cut and paste mo na lang yang linya na yan. sooo bloggable

Agent BangCock: salamat. ikaw ang may sala nito. ikaw ang catalyst ng mga walang kabuluhang paguusap na ito. talk about intellectualising mundane stuff.

Celia Rodriguez: naman. nailabas ko na.


kiel said...

celia rodriguez?!


mel beckham said...

Ate G u mean blogging is scarying off probable partners? Ok, magbo-blog leave na ako. Lol

Actually in my case ganun pa rin, no effect. Hahaha

patrick said...

this is sad.. but it's scarier for me, i guess.

Yj said...

now there's something to think about...

Pinoy Gay Guy Confidential said...


Hi. I am Berns.

I like your blog. You make an interesting point in your entry for today. Is it ok to quote you for my own blog?

Thank you in advance. :D

kawadjan said...

kiel: what do you want? charito solis?

melanie: naku, try another approach ning. and tell me the results of your experiments, ha?

patrick: the exchange covered a limited section of a wider discussion. now, bloggers should talk more about this, don't you think? or is it a stupid assertion to begin with?

yj: and please do tell me what your conclusions would be.

PGGC: parang PCGG no? thanks for dropping by. go quote me. choz! beso, beso.

Dawn Selya said...

Love the insights you two come up with regarding dating and blogging.

It's different in my case. My blog is all about love, dating, sex, and relationships. My on-off bf sometimes dreads reading it only because I say what I feel and think. That's scarier for him. We've argued a lot of times over what I wrote in my blog but in the end I guess he understands me better.

kawadjan said...

dawn: thanks for the kind comment, dahling. oh, your bf knows about your blog pala? is it not dyahe? my blog lost its spunk when one of guys i went out with knew about its existence. i learned my lesson na. never again will my dates know about my blog. di ko lang bet. hahahaha.

Dawn Selya said...

well I learn to censor myself. I try to reveal as little of him as possible, because it's my blog after all so it's not ok to breach his privacy. When we go to the usual bar we go to, people do recognize him as my Aleksandr Petrovsky from my blog but they only have nice words for him. In short, it's ok so far. Di nga lang ako makasulat ng masasama about him even when I want to when we are on a break. :)


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