Monday, March 02, 2009

Weekend Report: Life as a Musical

Dios mio, it has been a week since my last update pala. Well, well, well, my legendary self-discipline has failed me yet again.

Anyhoot, just to update my dear two readers of the reason why this blog had been unattended the past week, I was in a Southeast Asian meeting on the harmonization of regulatory policies on high heels. Gosh, shoes were flying in all directions, fortunately, I was well protected in my Gareth Pugh armor.

Oh, I also need to mention that I finally met my sister from another mother, Kiel of Life as a Write Up (girl, that header is FIERCE written all over it!). Gosh, it was a delight to be in the presence of such a blogger superstar, who was in a meeting in lovely BangCock.

He and I were in processing mode when we had cocktails in Silom Soi 4 two Sundays ago, while furtively checking the crowd, which was disappointingly unappealing. Oh well.

Anyway, the next day I brought him and his colleague to Khao San (gosh, I have to change my tour program somehow), for some cocktails. We ended up singing songs from Miss Saigon at around midnight after buckets and buckets of Sex on the Beach. Put two drunken Pinoy bayots together and the night would somehow end up as a musical, no?

Gurl, you better bring your ass back to BangCock ASAP.

Moving on... last Friday evening I watched the sensational Milk with Maggie Cheung and Bubbles, afterwards we had drinks at Lang Suan. Fun, fun, fun!!! Went home crawling on the floor (well, not really).

Saturday evening, Maggie Cheung and I watched Vagina Monologues with some French friends (chief of which is Shanghai Tang) in Patravadi Theatre.

Gosh, the BKK version was nearly a travesty of the classic play. It was good in a few parts but it was generally amateurish. Ugh. A decent theater scene in this city would be much appreciated.

From Patravadi, we took a cab to a far away bar in Bangna (or sowhere around that area). My friend Shanghai Tang has been telling me about this bar since forever but it was only last weekend that I finally had the chance to go with them, where we ended up with a mostly French group.

And it was a long cab ride that's worth it. I like the relaxed atmosphere of the place and at last I actually liked the Thai band playing a mix of jazz and rock. The interior also has a cool, vintage feel of found objects, old furniture, and mostly random stuff.

Oh, my camera broke last week and so I hardly have any pictures this weekend. Thanks to Maggie Cheung for all the pictures in this post. Fierce!

And lastly, I have a few things to look forward to this week and beyond (choz)!

The wildly popular Las Tres Estrellas are coming to BangCock and will stay here for a week. You can only guess what kind kabaklaan we will spread around the city. A full report is in order.

Also, I'm meeting my classmate from the university, Charina Chuchubelles, and this would be her third time to (somehow) visit me in BangCock.

Lastly, I have a diving trip to the Gulf of Thailand next week with Maggie Cheung and Neomie Lenoir! I cannot wait!!! Note to self: don't forget to pack your ovaries.

And uhmmm, that's all.


fuchsiaboy said...

ay walang faggotry in motion pix with kiel!

tsk, tsk...

i am not amused of your excuses. am i asking for the moon here? aren't you popular enough to merit a paparazzi shot?

you should have fixed your camera. it's not like rocket science, you know.


Anonymous said...

Hey Girard!

We just had a Thai Massage. Are we going out tonight? Or maybe Thurs or Friday na? We'll be leaving early tomorrow for Ayuthala. But if you insist. Pwede pa rin kami sa inuman tonight. We can have a beer or cocktails near our hotel. Kung wala kami sa room, am sure kumakain sa labas.

Ill see soon.... and we loved Bubbles! (And ikaw na nga rin). Tse! Ang Higante nyong mga bading!

-Lyka Bergen (Na malapit ng di na Bergen)

kawadjan said...

donita: i have fixed my cam. more paparazzi shots in the future.

lyka: ginawang YM ang blog? tse!


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