Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Lookie, lookie who got featured again in the very influential Las Tres Estrellas blog?

Madame Ekra Tan, one of the estrellas, visited BangCock in mid-March on his way to Siem Reap with the other two estrallas, Mama O and Lyka Bergen.

He arrived on the very same day that I also arrived from a diving trip in Koh Tao. The morning we met I only had like three hours of sleep, while he barely slept. Haggard much?

Anyway, we met at the Grand Palace and then I walked with him to Wat Pho where he took some shots of me under the gaze of the Reclining Buddha.

So this is the pinis pradak (right, Ricky Reyes?).

Ay, wrong picture. (Why does Naomi always come out in my posts? Cunt).

Here's one of the pics Ekra Tan took.

Now, this is not about me. Choz!

This is about the artistry of Ekra Tan, noted fashion photographer and budding housewife. I was just there to translate his creative vision.

So please see more of my pics in this post called Ang Kawayan... Bow!, a portfolio by Ekra Tan.

Madame Tan, thank you so much for giving me the honor of standing as your subject. Chooooooz! You know how to contact me should you need a model in San Francisco, di ba?

Finally, TSE!


Lyka Bergen said...

Half Filipino, Half-Moon?

mel beckham said...

parang graduation photo lang siya pero fierce. charing!

the photo reminds me of the early photos of Kate Moss. oh di ba ang taray! hihi

Ekra Tan said...

beauty breakthrough of the 1990's new palmolive soap!

my pleasure to take ur photos ms. amelie.


The Zen Bitch said...

shempre nai-link na ito sa orig na post. gaya nga ng comment ko sa blog ng LTE, this is bonggah!

Anonymous said...

Kawadjan (for not knowing the writer's name) is good-looking. He is hot and good-looking, which makes me wonder why W1 had picked the ex over him.


Luis Batchoy said...

half german, half sheperd? Hehehehe.. lav ur feroshness tamed yet still Rwar!

Jase/"Gayzha" said...

Very "malayo ang tingin, wala namang tinatanaw" look.. nostalgik .... and yet again, you are really connecting to viewer!


Was Once said...

The best one of you, is the one labeled "The power of semi-pout lips", because your eyes have a slight smile in allure to thoughts.

itsmeela said...

i love ur pics! gosh..i remember the days when u were teaching me the pouting lips..haha.. miss u Gi! :)

Sarah said...

ang shekat shekat mo na talaga koyah. angles and all. di na kita ma-reach :p

Dawn Selya said...

ganda! very haunting...

kawadjan said...

lyka: hahahah. ano ka ba... half fairy! tse.

MELanie: hahahah. naman! baka you mean twiggy?

ekra tan: soap dries your skin, dahling.

ZENaida: thanks, dahling. now bring your cam when you visit me in bkk para mag photoshoot din tayo. charing!

was once: awww... my "allure" comes out when i don't sleep much. thanks for the comment. :-)

ela: so how's your pouting nowadays?

dawn: thanks, sweetie. parang haunted kamo! choz.


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