Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Padala, Pasalubong, at Pendants

God knows I love my friends... especially the rich, generous ones. God knows I would do anything and everything for them as long as they give me stuff to please my vain ass. Oh, we all know that.

Topping the list of my mega generous friends is no other than Fuchsiaboy ITSELF, the primera social butterfly of Khmerlandia, and the pillar of my emotional and mental stability no less. Charing! We just share the same passion for haughtiness, bitchiness, and fierceness. What to do, aber?

He sent me these ukay finds from Khmerlandia. Are we having an early Christmas?

Gosh, Donita Rose, you are really challenging my resolution to wear nothing but black these days. These are all colorful, printed stuff! I can't help gushing over them cute shirts though. I will try my best to werq them around BangCock, I swear.

So in the tradition of how Fuchsiaboy posts his latest fashion finds (such as this entry), let me share with you the loot from Siem Reap.

Love them all, bitch! Merci beaucoup!

Also, he sent me this cork necklace from the Don Protasio collection.

In fact this is the second cork necklace he sent me but we all know how that pendant ended up in Manille instead courtesy of an intricate conspiracy masterminded by Kiel, as documented in this entry. Love, you Kiel.

Well at least Fuchsiaboy sent me a replacement, no?

Also in the picture below is a neon green fishbone necklace that I found in Chatuchak. Fuchsiaboy also has the same agaw eksena necklace in neon pink (check the related posts here and here).

The bronze pendant is a find in Chatuchak, which I bought when my hermana visited me earlier this month.

Oh, now that we are speaking of generous friends, let me also share with you the Marc by Marc Jacobs shirt that I got as a pasalubong from Las Tres Estrellas.

J'adore this shirt!!! Bongga the fabric ha. Purrrrfect for summer. Salamat, bitches.

[G], thanks for the Marc by Marc Jacobs bonnet too ha. And I will feature it in my fall-winter post. Terima kasih, bitch.

Kiks, I also love the trousers you brought from Hong Kong. I love it. Thanks, dear. But you really think that I'm THAT skinny, no? Unfortunately not. Sadness. Don't fret though coz I'm werqing hard on losing weight as we speak.

My dear amigas... salamat nang marami. Keep them stuff coming! Choz!


Yj said...

you lucky bitch.... hahahaha

i love the tops..... especially the 2nd and 5th ones...... hah... lahat sila gusto ko....

fuchsiaboy said...

you're very much welcome, dahling.

share the blessings ika nga. i've been deluged with gifts lately so i'm just paying it forward.

padala ko na lang ang listahan ng mga gusto ko dyan sa bangkok, bwahahaha!

kiel estrella said...

kahit na niyuyurakan mo ang dangal ko sa ngalan ng cork necklace ni don... i luv d 1st shirt. plunging neckline. bagay sya sa winu-werq ko na pecs in the future. hahahah

Was Once said...

Damn, you got a good flow with your writing. It shows that you are smart and a reader. Plus G.F., anything looks good on your body! :)

Ekra Tan said...

gaga na don, bakit di namin nakita ang mga tshirts na yan sa siem reap???!?!??!?!


Sarah said...

I'm so loving the bronze pendant/necklace G! I'm betting it will go well with my tube tops complementing the visible clavicles you so love *wink wink*

The Zen Bitch said...

wait ka lang pag nagkita na tayo... talbog lahat ang pasalubong na na-receive mo so far... choz! hahaha!

kawadjan said...

yj: fuchsiaboy really loves me. what can i do, aber?

donita: akala ko purely altruistic itong pinaggagawa mo sa akin coz i'm just a timawa in the slums of bkk. hmp.

kiel: hahahaha. pecs for you? hmmm... you better werq on them before your trip to cambodge.

was once: awwww... thanks for the kind words.

ektra tan: gaga, you are already rich. you can afford brand new clothes.

sarah: i need good proof of the existence of your clavicles first. choz! will bring you some trinklets if makauwi ako.

zenaida: naku, i could not weight. don, patatalo ka ba? wag!

kawadjan said...

correction... on my reply to zenaida... WAIT instead of weight. gosh, only shows how weight obsessed i am.

Lyka Bergen said...

Masuntok ka kaya ng fist ni Marc Jacobs? Tseeeee! (Perfect kasi ng torso mo!)

kawadjan said...

lyka: salamat sa tshirt! walang utong noh?


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