Thursday, April 02, 2009

Summer Style

BangCock is sooooo deep into the summer season. We have around 35 degrees nearly everyday since March and the unbelievable humidity is draining the hell out of me.

On weekends I simply refuse to leave my building until at least four in the afternoon, and even then the heat can still cause buckets of sweat to drip from my frail body. Choz!

I hate summer, I really do. But wait, it's going to get worse now that we just stepped into April. Can I sleep through summer, please? And if I can, wake me up when the rains come, will you?

Now if there's anything cute about summer is that I have the chance to reinvent my daily wardrobe. It's ironic that I'm into this black (and sometimes gray) phase when we should all be wearing colors for the season. But I've already explained before why I'm back to black.

Fortunately, I invested in flimsy black t-shirts, which can still be appropriate for BangCock's sweltering heat.

I feel sooooo liberated now that I'm wearing predominantly black. Uniform anyone? I don't have the daily dilemma of thinking hard over what to wear. And I can even don the same set of shirts week after week without anyone noticing it.

You wanna take a peek of my summer looks?

Well, I'm doing a lot of the rolling of the pants thing. I truly love its casual effect, especially when worn with my faux-leather sneakers.

I'm also experimenting with a black hat lately, which seems practical in shielding the face from harmful UV rays, di ba?

Oh, and please take note of the bag in the picture below. I got it from Chatuchak last December and it says LOWCLASS. So me, non?

Lookie, lookie Fuchsiaboy... I'm wearing the super diaphanous black tee from Giordano Concepts that you sent me. But because it's practically a baby tee, I layered it with my striped, moneyboy shirt (right Bangkok Bitch?).

Oh, also notice the shorts? I'm cutting many of my old jeans and trousers to make them more summer-appropriate.
May I also show you my first Playhound t-shirt? Playhound is a relatively popular brand in Thailand, mainly among young people. But as a minimum-wage earner, I've always found their prices too steep.

Fortunately, they had a sale last January (or was that February, Kiks?) so I bought this cute shirt with Playhound's signature Mickey Mouse prints. I realized later on that it is actually a girl's tee, and I could not be more pleased!

Another relatively new acquisition is this Greyhound shirt. Greyhound is the older sister of Playhound, and of course more pricey. They also had a sale last Jan/Feb and God knows that it was my only chance to buy anything from them, hence this black shirt. I bought it mainly for collection purposes.

I plan to slowly collect more stuff from Thai designers and fashion houses. I'm crazy over their clothes. Makes me want to sell my body everytime I covet any of their items coz even if they are locally made they are still Mahalia Jackson.

I really, really want a piece from Theatre, Headquarters, Baking Soda, Tube Gallery, ANR, and all those other shops in Siam Centre.

But wait, I also NEED a piece from WWA (see their blog here), that sensational avant garde clothing store in Siam Square that Fuchsiaboy and I want to raid. But dahling, one shirt is the cost of a roundtrip ticket to Las Islas Filipinas... and you know me, I choose an edgy shirt over seeing my family, chai mai?

Now who do I need to blow around here who'd give me all the money for those clothes?


fuchsiaboy said...

who cares about food and family and other stuff when our money should be spent on clothes from wwa or greyhound, no?

can't wait for my shopping trip there!

jt said...

I miss the clothes and the sex in Siam Square ;-)

Yj said...

ay gusto ko yang ginagawa mo sa pants na roll up churvah....

mahilig din ako sa ganyan pag summer hehehehe

kiel said...


Sarah said...

you still doing yoga? you're shoulders look broader and firmer than ever :p (inggit mode)

toxic disco boy said...

kaloka naman is ur opening pic! haha. i love the greyhound shirt. hmmm... bakit wala nang greyhound dito sa pinas? sayang.

BB said...

moneyboy shirt big time, kawadjan! but since you want to sell your body, it's very appropriate;)

by the way...just came back from centenwol(d), they have big sales all over. i cant believe it, we have had loy krathong sale, then xmas sale, then new year sale, then post-new year sale and now summer sale.
what's next? rainy season sale?

p.s. enjoy family time:)

Jase/"Gayzha" said...

Juizekoh...kala ko kau na yung nasa first pic! Kalowkah chinez!

Lyka Bergen said...

Sandali lang, sino yung nasa first pic?

Ang taray ng summer look ng bruha! I wish i have ur payat body. Tse!

Luis Batchoy said...

pants kung pants... gudlak sa hyperthermia hehehehe

Now show me some lovin and vote for me as RBP's Blog of the week for week 7. Kampanya na toh!

JaffyG said...

bloody gorgeous! leche, hope there's something like all these here in old Manille. =P

kawadjan said...

donita: come to bkk na. now. na. when are you coming gani?

jt: i know! hahahaha. which store was that ba? i might need to drop by there. choz!

yj: roll up is the way to go for summah.

kiel: parang ikaw lang din!

sarah: gaga, that's called genes. beh!

toxic disco boy: perhaps you can distribute it in manille? btw, your fashion sense is sooooo bkk. come na. now. na.

bb: i know! the sale is driving me crazy! cannot help but be tempted no?

gayzha: di naman. that's my boitoi. choz!

lyka: boitoi ko nga. naka-hawla yan sa cuarto ko. :-) hoy if bubbles can lose weight so can you! you better werq para mawala ang utong! tse!

luis: di ko lagi makita ang voting na yan? where's the link ba? mag flying voter ako for you ba.

jaffy: dahling, you have more than enough reason to come to bangcock. waldasin ang salapi on pasyon!


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