Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Can't Have It All

Awww... one of the most fascinating singer-songwriters just released a new music video. Remember me writing about the uber fabulous - and my long-time crush - Jay Brannan here and here?

This new video is very, very melancholic but the lyrics makes it totally cute.

Well it helps as well that Jay is the cutest thing around, right?

cant have it all
music and lyrics by jay brannan

applying moisturizer in the microwave window
for the tenth time, he shouldve called me an hour ago
would he be here with flowers if i lived in arizona?

they say theres no love left in the big cities, its kinda true
i guess youll find me coming soon to a small town near you
ill sell my guitar so i can by myself a tractor

fuck this, this cant be my life
i moisturized ten times tonight
why cant i sit down and write,
bring this question to light?


do you want a lover, or do you want a life?
one hand or the other, the butter or the bread knife?
do you choose winter, spring, summer, or fall?
its driving me crazy that i cant have it all

if these walls could talk, theyd probably cry out for mercy
til im outlined in chalk, ill be romantically thirsty
so i drink and drink from the proverbial time sink

fuck this, this cant be my life
tears flowing in full force tonight
why cant i sit down and write,
bring this question to light?


do we hold the future, or does it come in peace?
and if its in my hands, are you sure it should be in brittle hands like these?
life, love, and the pursuit of all the things they promised me
can i have all of the above? are the best things in life truly free?


© 2008 great depression publishing


jericho said...

ang cute nga nya. i can have him, i'll have it all. chos!

Dawn Selya said...

eyeloveit! gorgeous!

Yj said...

love the song... love the video...

if i got him.... then i got everything hahahaha

siya ba yung guy sa movie na SHORTBUS?

kawadjan said...

jericho: naman! marami kang kaagaw! choz.

dawn: winner, no? at sobrang irreverent ng lyrics.

yj: yeah, sya yung sa shortbus na engaged in a three-some affair. lovely!


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