Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kadayawan Ladies

I arrived in Surigao yesterday after about ten hours in a cramped bus from Davao. I'd write about Surigao in the coming days.

Meanwhile, I shall share some pictures of my reunion with the many primera amigas I have in Davao. They are pretty much the women who shaped my four years in that city. And they know that I would die for some of them.

During my one-week visit to Davao, I met ex-colleagues, my enduring fag hags, my mentors, and my foster mothers. 
Daisy and Mickay... two of the people who serve as my anchors.
Sarah... fag hag extraordinaire and the official emo queen of Southern Mindanao, even perhaps of the BIMP-EAGA. Choz!
Grace... my exuberant mentor.
Thea... gotta love her for her flair.
Rosie... charming little dynamo.
Exes... ex-officemates Rhea, Thea, Leslie, and Philip.
Gimmick-mates... Thea and Ceril, we make the trinity of irodology back in the days of hedonism in Davao. 
Love you all and thanks for the inspiration.

I especially dedicate this post to Joyce, who is bravely facing cancer. My thoughts are with you, dear.
Now girls, I want you to work on those clavicles and ribcage, ok?


Lyka Bergen said...

Expert na ba sila ngayon sa mga camera poses nila?

Yj said...

it's really nice to be with people who truly loves you and whom you truly care for...

nice of course is an understatement... deadma na... im not really good with words eh

fuchsiaboy said...

sigurado ka bang ang post na ito is about your friends at di isang album ng poses mo? tse!


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