Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Maradjaw Karadjaw... Surigao

Let me take you around Surigao, bitches.

First, I noted that the weather since I arrived had been unbearably hawt. And I mean, HAWT!!!

I did not expect this as Surigao is usually cloudy, rainy, or stormy. And among other things, I love the gloomy weather in my hometown except that it has terribly failed me in the weather department these past days.

Nonetheless, Surigao is still the charming, crumbling, little city that I love. Except for a few new buildings, very little of the city has changed.

Anyway, let the tour begin.

Below is the town plaza in front of the cathedral. We call it the Luneta, after THE Luneta in Manila. The statue in black robe is that of Dr. Jose Rizal, Las Islas Filipinas' national hero. His statue is found in every plaza in the country.

The Surigao City Hall, which is also across the Luneta.

Two pictures of people in the Luneta.

This woman sells mangoes and santol (I don't know what it's called in English). Her stall is outside the Luneta and after class students flock to stalls like this to have snacks of these sour fruits.

A mobile sari-sari store. "Sari-sari" means we-sell-pretty-much-anything-and-everything-bitch.

Aha, the tricycle of course. Surigao city is best seen in our version of the tuk-tuk. They are noisy and are a good source of the air pollution in the city.

This is the style of the tricycle in Surigao and some cities in Mindanao. Some cities have very distinct styles and of various levels of "garishness" as well. Sizes also vary. Some can accommodate as many as eight passengers while others can only carry three people.

Gosh, I could not leave Las Islas Filipinas without paying tribute to Jollibee.

The next three pictures were taken at the Surigao market. Since we are surrounded by water, we have seafoods galore. Clams, seaweeds, and the most colorful fish abound. Well and the occasional chorizo too.

Oh, Surigao is not Surigao without the chicken BBQ at the pier! Where do I start about this awesome delicacy, bitches? Basta, BBQ is the passion of every Surigaonon.

And last but not the least is Mabua Beach, about 15 km away from the city. My friends and I hang out here every chance we get. On weekends every hut in the beach is packed with families.

The pebble beach also has some of the most majestic sunsets in the city.


Lyka Bergen said...

Sabi ko na nga ba eh, walang dyip sa Surigao. Chos!

Was Once said...

Let your fingers do the walking....Santol is wild mangosteen. As opposed to domesticated mangosteen, which I am guessing is a little tamer and doesn't chew with their mouth open!

mel beckham said...

Ang ganda talaga ng Surigao. Mas maganda ngayon kasi may umuwing dyosa. Hihi

You were in DC pala ate G..

Yj said...

wht about the boys boys boys of SURIGAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO?


Yuki Titiporn vda Kahiwahara said...

i love the place.... its so divine chossssssss!

Dawn Selya said...

lovely place... must-visit place. And do tell us about the boys and bitches, I mean, beaches.

Jase said...

Bayotiful fotos.... now, i miss dabaw talaga!

fuchsiaboy said...

ay wala bang barney's sa surigao?

Anonymous said...

too bad you do not live on Siargao!!! One of the places I want to visit.
You could be my Surfer Bud!!!

lynette said...

Gotta love Jollibee... sana wala pang McDo sa Surigao :)

Anonymous said...

hi name is Catz and I am from Surigao too...but I haven't been home for 11 years now. So i miss home...thanks for your somehow eases my loneliness here in Manila.

BTW, where did you study in High School? I studied in SNNHS...hope you can send me in my e-mail an update of your Karajaw Surigao sanan Surigaonon!


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