Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Because the Baby is Now a...

Look what I found in the family albums in Surigao?

I have no idea how old I was when the photo below was taken. I couldn't have been more than one year old then, no? I hate my sister for out-pouting me here. And look how obese I was, I could not even see my clavicles. Gasp!

But really, this is one of my super favorite baby pictures of my self.

Next picture... Now look who's werqing the cam, bitches. I know I was born a diva and I'm not accepting objections from you, ha!

I must be around three here, no?

Don't you just adore the hair? Ricky Reyes isdatchyu? Farah Fawcett isdatchyu? And the legs, dahling. I cannot be more gay at three years old, chai mai? Somebody started soooo young it seems.

Next picture... is that a king or a queen right there? I could be between four and five years old in this photo. I remember I was in nursery school then and I volunteered to be the king in the school pageant.

I swear even back then I'd do anything to wear couture. Alexander McQueen isdatchyu? Christian Lacroix isdatchyu?

Honey, see how I perfected the art of modelling that early? Notice the elongated neck. Check the jutted jaw. And the signature pout of course!

I know! Like I define FIERCE even as a baby.

And now, my rebith as...

Senora Magdalena Sotomayor viuda de Putin

(Thank you Joyce for letting me wear your wig in Davao.)

Now that explains why I cannot be a drag queen.


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