Thursday, June 11, 2009

When Billy Met Tony

One of my favorite movies EVAH is Billy Elliot (2000), a story of a young boy in a small mining town in England with a strong passion for dancing.

Set in the 1980s amidst the strike of the town's mine workers, Billy hides from his dad that he has been taking ballet lessons. At the same time, he witnesses his family disintegrate as a consequence of the strike.

Jamie Bell, playing as Billy Elliot, and Julie Walters, playing Billy's ballet teacher, give spectacular performances in this heartwarming movie that I've never gotten bored of watching for perhaps half a dozen times now.

Recently, Billy Elliot the Musical won Best Musical at the Tony Awards. Also, for the first time in Tony history, three individuals took the Best Actor in a Musical trophy, which was awarded to the stars of Billy Elliot: David Alvarex, Trent Kowalik, and Kirl Kulish.

Below is a video of Trent Kowalik performing at the 2009 Tony Awards followed by the acceptance speech of the three kids, who all looked totally dumbfounded after they were called winners of what is perhaps the most prestigious award for stage actors.


Lyka Bergen said...

Amazing Kids! Jamie should have been nominated man lang sa Oscars sana. And yes, never give up, kahit matanda na!

Dawn Selya said...

I can't wait to see Billy Elliot on Broadway...

Jase said...

Da pers tyme, I saw this mowvie, I cried a little and then the second time, I cried a bucket - and from then on...I always cried!

Trigger points:
- Anger dancing on the street
- While auditioning
- Dancing against his father
- Joyous dance at the end
- Swanlake music

Kasih - this reminds me of moi and my lost karir as a ballerina! Tsing! I cried for that lost dream...

Jase said...

Re: Your drag photo

Infernlalou... you look simply girl pretty ... and could easily pass as Gretchen B or Angel ! Vuth :

Never wear a wig without putting on a little bit of make up and lippy, and covering ur mustashh!

And who sayz you cannot be a DRAG QUEEN???

kawadjan said...

lyka: agree!

dawn: ang swerte mo!

jase: mega nag-resonate ang movie sa yo ha. dahling, sabi nga ni lyka it's never too late daw. baka naman pwede pa nating unatin ang joints mo?

sa drag queen comment: hahahaha. yun lang.


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