Friday, June 12, 2009

Bubbles is a Loser

On the occasion of Las Islas Filipinas' Independence Day, I'm going to write about someone who has recently been freed from the shackles and oppression of... obesity.

Ok, ok, maybe he is not technically obese, but he is at the very least voluptuous, chunky, bulky, fleshy, hefty, plump, rotund, and so on.

I'm talking about no one else but my dear ferosha amiga, Bubbles.

We all know that one of his favorite activities, aside from the sleazy kind (joke!), is eating. And he EATS with capital letters. Add to that his passionate love affair with Coke and Pepsi. He can gulp 1.5 liters of those in two hours AT MOST.

You've seen Bubbles' pictures hog a sizeable space in this blog (pun intended), but still let's walk down memory lane shall we?

This is a photo of Bubbles in Koh Samet in December last year, just around the height of his hefty days.

One day in December, he experienced some ejection *edit: rejection* in a place where men wear only tiny towels. That pretty much was the impetus for him to overhaul his eating habits and to exercise.

Bubbles practically lived in the gym. He stays there for three hours every day that God makes, rain or shine, amidst the chaos of political riots, and the revelry of the Buddhist New Year.

Soon enough, Bubbles started shedding off the pounds. Notice in the picture below, taken in Februrary, that he lost a bit of the belly and his cheekbones were coming out. But we all know he needs to work harder, di ba?

I still don't see any neck in this picture and the nipples are way too distracting. Utong much?

Bubbles maintained his single-minded pursuit to lose weight. He broke up with his lovers Pepsi and Coke, and swore off evil carbohydrates for good. Weekly he would report to us that he lost a pound or two and we were always happy to hear such good news especially after seeing his determination to change his lifestyle.

I haven't seen Bubbles in about a month and last night he showed up in his new, lithe, sleek look.

I cried. Fine, I didn't, but I nearly did.

So without further talak, ladies and gentlemen, I now present, Bubbles V 2.0.

Bubbles sans utong, sans tummy. THAT definitely is a neck I see there.

Say hi to them clavicles, girls.

Priceless! Freaking 25 lbs off in six months, bitches! Beat that.

I couldn't be more proud!

Now everyone, please send your kisses to Bubbles.


Kiks said...

what can i say?

werq it, bubbles.

i am now inspired to lose my 10 lbs when i saw you hid those tits away.

wish i could do the same.

mwahz from sabahz.

Shanonymous said...

Wow! At no droga involved itoh? In fair.

Anonymous said...

I prefer the Dugong look...

Sarah said...

sometimes G you push people so hard to lose weight that they end up eating tissue paper so they'd be as thin as you :)

in fairness your friend Bubbles looks fab.. and i'm loving his pants.

Lyka Bergen said...

He's an inspiration to me. Kaya lang di ko makaya ang 3 hours a day. Kaya 30 minutes a day na lang muna ako.

I love bubbles.... the sparkling personality and the zest... with or without the utong!

Bubbles vda Hirohito said...

sino yong anonymous na yan?! love you love you kawadjan... you know naman you always inspire me to do great things... and this is just one of them ;)

Yj said...

nyahahahaha dapat mabasa to ni mr.komplikado hihihihi

good work gurl..... applause

vanja said...

Hoora for Bubbles!Like the Duchess of Windsor's famous quote: One can never be too thin or too rich ;-)

Jase said...

Wow... this is one of the MOST INSPIRING success story I've read soooo far! I wanna shed around ten kilograms of fats, but I don't wanna be a gym bunny! Maybe I'll just have to STOP eating altogether... hayyyyy!

And for BUBBLES, my advise is to steal the password of Kawadjan and delete your 'BEFORE' photo asap!!!! Eeeeiiiiiiii! How can you???

neil said...

Great job. I noticed it a few months ago. Your going to get the pretty boys coming to you in droves.

The Zen Bitch said...

bongga! i am dying from envy!

L said...

At di ka na maeeject from wherever you got ejected :) Goodbye McDo, goodbye Litro, hello carrot sticks and cucumber :) We're proud of you mwah!

alimuom.atbp said...

its not fair! wehehehehe...
bonggadora sya. inggit ako. 'chos!

jt said...

Ganda ng fotang bubbles! Talaga nga naman. Hell hath no fury like a gay man scorned in the sauna.

kawadjan said...

Dahlings, dahlings, this by far has one of the most number of comments in the history of the blog. Bubbles is indeed flattered over your support to his cause. As in cause kung cause!

For those who are inspired by Bubbles, you better get that butt off the couch and start werqing, bitches.

Mel said...

You are an inspiration Bubbles! Congrats. You look great

Bubbles said...

OMG! I didn't know that i would make such stir. I'm really flattered. Thank you.... thank you... this is all because of my dear friend Kawadjan.

Wala talaga akong masabi.... im so speechless ;)

Quentin X said...

Bubbles is way too beautiful. I'm jealous, I hope he get struck by lightning. :-)

Gossip Girl TS said...

Congrats Bubbles on the new fab physique! ang ganda ganda mo na!


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