Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Street-Style Inspirations

Among the many blogs I check everyday (and only God knows how numerous that exactly is), I always look forward to checking the street-style blogs for a dash of fashion inspiration.

It's amazing how many street-style blogs are there and most big cities have at least one key street-style blogger, i.e. The Sartorialist for NYC (at least initially) as well as in Berlin, Oslo, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, London, etc.

Sometimes I feel that there are distinct looks for each city but the more I check the sites, it appears that the styles vary way too much for a certain look to be exclusively called as Tokyo, Paris, or Barcelona. I've had this kind of discussion with Fuchsiaboy about a year ago and I'd expound on that in a later post.

But for the meantime, let me share to you yet again some of my street-style inspirations. I've amassed a number of photos from various websites (some of them I forgot to note) so I had to edit this collection of photos very carefully.

I also check the street-style photos featuring women. But for this blog, I only choose to share men's photos coz they serve as inspirations for my own style as well. I wish I can be as brazen as the guys below but I'm pushing my self a bit more one step at a time.

The pictuers with the small icon on the bottom-right are from this uber cool site called Street Peeper, while I indicate at the bottom of the pics the source of the rest (if I still happen to remember them).

(from Tokyo in Style Arena)

(from Melbourne)

(from Tokyo)

(from Paris)

(from Paris)

(from Paris)

(from Melbourne)

(from London)

(from Tokyo)

(from Tokyo)

(from Just Glitter)

Aside from the clothes they're wearing, lately I've also been fascinated with hair, such as the couple of pictures below from one of my favorite street-style bloggers, Garance Dore. I think I got the last picture from Trendy Crew. I wonder if it's time for me grow back my hair.

(he is NOT Fuchsiaboy!!!)


Academy for Men said...


I couldn't find your email anywhere, but I noticed you enjoyed the Academy for Men blog, so thank you.

Kind Regards

Rhys Ripper

Jase said...

I really have to stop eating na! No matter what ur style if you are fat ... talagang gross!

Bryan Anthony said...

awww. i miss australia! huhuhuh

jericho said...

love the first melbourne guy ... hehe

Lyka Bergen said...

I Love the ones from Tokyo.... and yes i thought it was Fuchsiaboy at first. He's everywhere! Gosh!

Kiks said...

so fashown.

truly, japan iz it!

i will start wearing my clothes japan then.

japan is fashown. nuthing else matters.

mrs.j said...

thanx for posting the sites!love it and yes i also tthought it was fushia! nakakaloka!

Yj said...

hmmmmmmmmm them japanese boys are the best in style...

mel beckham said...

i'll try to replicate those looks in my next 'sipa lata'. hehehe

kawadjan said...

Rhys: love your blog! Great job.

Jase: I will soooo NOT disagree with you. Now, start eating paper. Now. Na.

Bryan: I'm sure miss ka rin nila. Chowz!

Lyka: Yan ang nawawalang kambal ni Donita Rose.

Kiks: Japan, Japan! Bagay sa yo kimono.

Mrs J: Simula ka nga ng street-style blog dyan sa Manille.

Yj: Regards daw sabi ni Kiks. Sama daw kayo Tokyo.

Mel: Oh dahling. You need couture. When in doubt nga, couture. Gibo has lots of couture na pinagsawaan na nya.

Was Once said...

The first shot(style arena) and maybe the last shot would good on you.

kawadjan said...

Was Once: Hmmm... yeah, I can imagine pulling that off. Gotta muster enough courage though. :-)


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