Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Are You Asian?

Lookie, lookie, bitches.

This pouty blog is again featured in one of my suki blog, the uber fierce and gorge Lyka Bergen and Her Stepsisters blog (a.k.a. Las Tres Estrellas). Lyka's post is titled The Great Asian Pose, which is inspired by three pictures of Maggie Cheung, Bubbles, and moi that I posted on Facebook.

The photos were taken in Khao San Road last Friday evening when we went drinking to celebrate the return of Maggie Cheung (I couldn't be more than thrilled!).

Anyway, our version of the Great Asian Pose is just also inspired by an entry from the super gay, Gayz of Our Lives (I'm freaking crazy over this blog).

Gayz of Our Lives was similarly just following the examples of the very influential blog Asian Poses.

Now, bitches, there is no excuse why you shouldn't follow suit. Better whip out that camera, werq those Asian poses, and post them on your blog.

EDIT: Oh, so Fuchsiaboy just released his own Asian Pose. Talbog sa styling!!! Carine is proud.

Oh, BTW, I have been twitting for months now, attention hog that I am. Who wants to exchange links? My profile is @GirardPhilip. I follow you, you follow me. Up to you, as the Thais would say.


Lyka Bergen said...

Is that Prabal in the #0 pose? He's cute. Up to you!

Kiks said...

Upto you lah naman, kapag mga chekwang hongkees.

I saw these pics and by gawd, I bawled over.

There has to be something to this. Better than wearing crocs? Chos.

But I have to admit, we have to make more poses.

Franco Dionco said...

yes, Asian poses are so in. Hope Phils' will has its own. :)

fuchsiaboy said...


my gosh kiks it's worse than crocs. it's like watching that pinoy game show where people got killed in one crazy episode a few years back.

bwahahaha! ;)

fuchsiaboy said...

lyka, prabal is ms. gurungi in the fab fab fab gool!

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

BKK is wonderful, crazy at first, but actually quite easy to navigate once you spend some time traveling around the city. I am now on the Southern Islands, but will be back for 5 more days at the start of August. So I will check more of BKK and if you would recommend any more places, let me know!

kawadjan said...

Lyka: It is Prabal indeed.

Kiks: Where are your Asian poses?

Franco: Mismo.

Donita: Are you talking about Wowoweee? Tse!

TMWKTM: Hope you enjoy the beach. Go explore BKK on foot, especially the areas surrounding the Grand Palace and also the Victory Monument. Very local scene in those places.


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