Sunday, July 19, 2009

Yes, Simon, I'd Marry You

Oh, the beauty of male youth. God knows how much time I spend everyday on looking at pictures and pictures of these lithe and exuberant creatures (check the side bar titled Hombres).

Not that I'm turning into some pederast or something equally vile. Far from it. But that's just me. I adore men (or perhaps boys) who are lanky and with zero body fat and we all know that youth affords us with a crazy metabolism. Get the connection now?

Skinny male models have been in the rage for some years now and there's no sign of that slowing down yet, thank God. Season after season, we are seeing the stratospheric rise of relatively frail-looking models such as Cole Mohr, Ashley Stymest, Luke Worral, Josh Beech, etc. (These boys are also quite known for their rebellious personalities, which obviously adds to their appeal in the fashion industry.)

My current (OK, perhaps for several seasons now) male model crush is the cherubic Simon Nessman, who's probably best known for his pillowy lips, curly hair, and of course scrawny frame. OMG, I would give up all my shoes for Simon.

Born in 1990 in British Columbia, Simon signed up for Major Models Management in 2007 and has since then been photographed by Mario Testino, Bruce Weber, and Matthias Vriens. He has also been featured in various magazines such as V, Dazed and Confused, GQ, Vogue Paris, and L'Uomo Vogue, as well as appearing in the campaigns of D&G, Givenchy, and lately an underwear campaign for John Galliano.

You can check out his tags in the Major Models Management blog.

Coincidentally, I'm also developing an enormous crush on equally-scrawny newcomer Patrick Kafka, who is also under Major Models. I would give up all my scarves for him too!

Patrick is only 17 and hails from Vienna. I've seen him in a number of editorials over the past months and he was also all over the Spring-Summer 2010 shows, thus he was listed by as one of the Top Ten New Faces for that season.

His tag on Major Models is found here. He also has a collection of photos in Morphosis.


indavao said...

hi... just dropping by!

kiel estrella said...

i know simon is yummy but.. give up all your shoes? dear, you really have to get your priorities straight.

kawadjan said...

Kiel: Hahaha. Like I know, right?


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