Monday, July 20, 2009

When Love Takes Over

This is my current favorite dance floor music, which I have been listening to in my PC for some weeks now. Finally it was played in the club last weekend when I went out with not-too-obese Bubbles (peace, Juliana Imai... mwah, mwah).

The song's called When Love Takes Over, by David Guetta (I'm sorry, I don't have any idea who he is exactly) featuring Kelly Rowland.

BTW, Kelly is the host of The Fashion Show, that copycat of Project Runway. It's on Youtube, bitches. Lyka, you are watching this, right?

One of the designers who reached the top three is a Filipino BTW, and his name is James Paul. Just an FYI. I doubt he'd win coz he's way too avant-garde and is thus not compatible with American viewers (there's a public voting, which I truly, truly detest... what do Americans know about fashion?)

Oh, just press play.

[Edit: Changed the clip into the music video. Kelly is quite pretty, chai mai?]

When love takes over yeaaah
You know you can’t deny
When love takes over yeaaah
‘Cause something’s here tonight


Was Once said...
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Lyka Bergen said...

Yes, friendship. I love James Paul's collection! Very DPSR (Don Protasio-Siem Reap). Mas complicated nga lang yung sa kanya.

And James Paul seems odd-looking. Mukha syang Serial Killer. Pumapatay ng Indigenous people bago mag design ng clothes. And uses the bones as accessories.

BTW, Juliana 'Bubbles' Imai na ba sya ngayon? Wagi ang putah! (That goes to both Imai and Roco).

And Yeeeees.....

'When Love Takes Over' ang theme song ni Mama O every Off Days ngayon. Apiiir kayo!


Dawn Selya said...

fierce! I kinda like it na rin...

on The Fashion Show... not as exciting as Project Runway but I agree on why leave the decision to those who can't appreciate fashion as an art.

I'm rooting for James Paul whose collection is cohesive and has a clear point of view. I didn't know he is Pinoy pala. His main model (the one with the hood) is Pinoy too...

Goodluck James!

p.s. why do they put subtitles when he speaks? he is clearly speaking english and not some foreign language. hmmm

Aris said...

i love this too! :)

kawadjan said...

Lyka: We already processed TFS. Gosh, I need to know who won. Sabihin mo kay Mama O I'm sending him a virtual kiss on his left elbow. Wala lang, he needs the brown sugar scrub.

Dawn: True... Gutierrez yata ang name ni Pinay model. (But not Ruffa.) Kilala sya ni Lyka, textmates sila. Anyway, di nila bet ang accent ni John Paul na mix ng American-British-Bicol. Chowz.

Aris: Apir!


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