Friday, July 24, 2009

Lyka Made My Day

Quick post!

I was having a calm Friday morning, reading on meta-ethics and moral relativism, when suddenly Lyka Bergen, the La Toya Jackson of San Francisco, chatted me up on YM. Of course, there's the usual binayot achuchu and some beauty pageant and Project Runway talk.

Things took a tragic turn though when he sent me the link of Preview magazine, one of the top fashion magazines in Las Islas Filipinas. The discussion of the day is the red carpet pictures of Preiview's Best-Dressed Ball 2009. So we started exchanging comments on the clothes of the celebrities who made it to the list.

Below is the minutes of the meeting... with minor editing on grammar and typo and to make it more concise and coherent, but the rest is exactly how we reacted the moment we saw the pictures.

All photos are from Stylebible.

Divine Lee wearing a Balmain jacket, a dress by Rajo Laurel, and Lanvin heels.

kawadjan: si divine lee!!!! kainis. balmain!!! i wish divine ang name ko.

Melissa Dizon in a dress of her own design and Alexander McQueen boots.

Lyka Bergen: and Melissa Dizon. Kalokah. Alexander McQueen ang boots ng Melissa Dizon!

kawadjan: OA sya sa sunburn ha. OA sya sa tanning spray. nag-tanning siguro sila sabay ni jez patel.

Bea Soriano wearing Randy Ortiz, an H&M vest, and Gareth Pugh platforms.

kawadjan: si bea soriano in gareth pugh. nag tumbling ako. pero ang laki ng hair ha. di k o bet. as in gusto ko syang sabunotan!!!! kainis sya!!! she needs a proper stylist. best dressed na yan??? haler! *poot mood* besides, you should not wear H&M in a function di ba? Ewwww... di ko kaya.

Lyka Bergen: tawa kami ng tawa ni Mama O

kawadjan: if i wear an h&m vest i would not give the brand name to the magazine. sasabihin ko na lang na vintage. mas romantic pakinggan.

Pam Quiñones in an Ivarluski Aseron gown and Acne booties.

Lyka Bergen: bilisan mo na kay Pam Quinones

kawadjan: pam na now. oh. it's a poor imitation of some balmain gown and the f/w collection of gucci. it's bad. the gown is shapeless.

Lyka Bergen: true

kawadjan: omg, ang cheap ng fabrique! lalo na yung lining! omg, divisoria? colon sa cebu? tutuban? omg.

Lyka Bergen: hahahaha

kawadjan: and acne boots??? gosh, refer to the h&m comment

Lyka Bergen: gagah ka talaga

kawadjan: some celebs in our country can be quite delusional.

Lyka Bergen: oo nga. basta may pangalan lang ang sinusuot... pwede na

kawadjan: korak! di nila alam ang relative importance nito sa fashion industry

Lyka Bergen: at Preview pa to ha

Maricel Soriano in a Lanvin dress and Viktor & Rolf heels.

kawadjan: gusto ko si maricel. classy. but a bit boring.

Anne Curtis in a dress by Eric delos Santos and Christian Louboutin heels.

kawadjan: omg anne curtis. i closed the window na. i died.

Lyka Bergen: hahaha

kawadjan: i puked sa coffee mug ko. gosh. i might take a sick leave.

Preview Best Dressed 2008: Mai Kauffman in an Estien Quijano dress and Zara heels.

kawadjan: OMG... mai kauffman... i died the second time today. everything's just WRONG about her, starting with her make-up!

Lyka Bergen: true girl

kawadjan: zara heels! groundbreaking! as in zara!!! refer again to h&m comment.

Amina Aranaz-Alunan in a dress by Jan Garcia, Aldo heels and an Aranaz bag.

kawadjan: amina!!! omg, omg, is she pregnant? even if she is pregnant there is no excuse for wearing something so bad!!! saan galing ang tela?

Lyka Bergen: very Ms Colombia

kawadjan: i know!!!

Ria Bolivar in a Tina Daniac dress and Nine West wedges.

Lyka Bergen: I lyk Ria's. kasi Model sya. kahit ano... carry nya.

kawadjan: hmmmmm.... di ko bet ning. i'm sorry. ang gulo ng damit nya. and the shoes are sooooo wrong for the dress. too much.

Lyka Bergen: yun nga lang ang shoes

Preview Editor-In-Chief Pauline Juan in Mich Dulce.

kawadjan: ay sino itong si pauline juan? sya ang love ko.

Lyka Bergen: yeah Mich Dulce

kawadjan: she is perfect... well, she could have made the skirt shorter but she is divine as it is. winner! what do you think?

Lyka Bergen: true ka about the skirt

Preview Fashion Editor Liz Uy in Joey Samson and YSL Tribute pumps.

kawadjan: i love liz uy ning. what do you think of that black thing?

Lyka Bergen: safe.

Preview Best Dressed 2005 and Preview Associate Fashion Editor Daryl Chang in an outfit by Cary Santiago and Stella Luna heels.

kawadjan: daryl chang is the new bai ling?!

And these are already the best-dressed in Manille???

Hay, I need to see a psychiatrist now. I'm traumatized.

Lyka, I hate you. Beso, beso. Tse!


After posting this entry, I got comments from both Fuchsiaboy and Mel Beckham that the theme of the party was Barbie (thanks, bitches), hence probably explaining why the colors were a bit too bubblegum for our taste, ditto for the make-up and the hair.

I just feel that I need to mention that so that the readers would have a better understanding of the event in connection with the fashion of the evening.

Besides, that shows how we can easily criticize people without knowing exactly the context, and in this case, truly, that is my weakness.


Lyka Bergen said...

Putah ka K! Nag-Xanax ka na ba? Itapon mo na kasi ang Zara Shoes moh! Ibato mo kay Anne Cortez! Gooooo!

Jase said...

Kayo talagah! Ang mamaldita nyo!

Mai Kauffman's drag makeup and Anne Curtis chubabitay look? Anuvayan ???

Bubbles said...

OMG!!! Ang poor ng taste! I don't have problems with H&M and Sara pero you don't ad them on a glossy magazine such as PREVIEW... dapat doon na lang sila sa WOMEN! Tapos!!!

fuchsiaboy said...


My lips are sealed coz some of them are my friends. ;)

But guys you have to understand that the theme of the party was Barbie so maybe that explains the bubble gum colors, big hair and drag-ish make-up.

I know Melissa is a surfer gerl so that explains her seriously tanned tan.

For the h&m and zara stuff, I guess the gerls thought it's too much to be rockin an all designer outfit so why not pair the Gareth or Ivar with something highstreet. On the other hand, baka wala ng budget after buying Gareth Pugh kaya acne or zara shoes na lang ang sinuot (70% off pa siguro). Di tulad ni Divine na Balmain, Rajo at Lanvin ang arsenal.

Notice most of the ladies walang 'it' bag na dala. Gasp!

More fashion review please! ;)

mel beckham said...

in fairness to anne curtis' look, the theme of the night was Barbie, kaya nagmukha siyang manika.

this batch of Best Dressed list i think is not impressive.

melissa dizon's outfits look like glorified/stylized trapos. yun na! lol

Dawn Selya said...

Bitches! Imagine if both of you are reviewing the outfits of the trannies I have in my blog... aray ko! hahaha

But this is funny indeed! I like that Maria Soriano (cya lang ang familiar sa akin... I'm that old! ) has taken to wearing Victor & Rolf and Lanvin... very fab!

Is Preview magazine like US Weekly or more of InStyle?

Lyka Bergen said...

Ayan! Datdat ka kasi kaagad. Barbie pala eh....

Where's Barbie's ultimate accessory? Asan si Ken? Tse!

toxic disco boy said...

ahahahahahahaha. graveh ka teh! kanina pa ako tumatambling sa katatawa.

i buy preview every month and i must say that in every issue not less than 10 items featured are from Zara or Mango. LOL.

Franco Dionco said...

Award! i love this post.
More... :)

kawadjan said...

Lyka: Tse, kasabwat ka dito!!!

Jase: You should join our bitching sessions one time... it's fucking cathartic.

Bubbles: May Women pa ba? Baka pwede ilagay na lang natin sa Tiktik?

Donita Rose: Hahaha. Salamat sa clarification.

Mel: About the Eairth comment... magusap kayo ni Donita. I'm sure sasabunotan ka nun.

Dawn: In fairview, bongga ang brands ni Maria. I wanna be her BFF. Preview is like the Vogue of the Philippines.

Lyka: (Nakadalawa ka na! Tse!) Sinong Ken? Ken Watanabe? Charot!

Toxic Disco Boy (TDB): OMG, high fashion na ba ang Zara and Mango sa Third Werld?

Franco: Join ka sa katayan session next time. Awards night sa Pinas ang bet kong katayin!!! Kelan ba next award season?

Anonymous said...

@kawadjan: uhm kapag ba suot mo n yung dress, kelangan mo pa alamin yung tela?


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