Thursday, July 23, 2009

Round Deux

I have accumulated a long list of topics in my notebook that I plan to blog about but I never had to chance to mull them over until they are finally buried in the rubble of other lists like names of supermodels and gay quotes from friends. [How about starting a post with a confusing run-on sentence, bitch?]

Anyway, one of the topics I've since overlooked is "second chances".

Rain caught Maggie Cheung and me while walking from Khao San Road last night so we were stuck in an awning for probably half an hour while the cold wind battered our frail bodies. Charot! We thus had the chance to get deep into the "second chances" discussion because she is doing a "second round" herself.

Oh, "second chances" and "second round" are terms I give to situations in which people decide to get back together after a temporary break-up.

In Tagalog: nagkabalikan. *Please someone give me an OPM soundtrack here.*

Incidentally, quite a number of my friends have recently gone through second rounds (again, you know who you are, girls). Obviously the reasons to give a relationship another chance are varied but it seems the overarching reason is that they still love their erstwhile exes.

I'm swooned with the idea of people giving love another chance. After all, a big part of loving is having the audacity to "just go for it", whatever "it" means. It's almost akin to blind faith.

I'm always happy to hear of friends who are doing well in their second round but it obviously breaks my heart to see some of my friends who took the opposite direction instead. I've even heard of people who took a third, fourth, fifth round but that does not still ensure that every renewal of a relationship would last long.

This clearly shows that there is no definite way to tell if second chances work.

God knows I'm NOT a relationship expert but here's my take on this topic: second chances work only if people do not make the same mistakes that destroyed the relationship to begin with. How profound, di ba? *The bayot rolls his eyes.*

People who give a second round to relationships are hoping that things would be a little different this time around, otherwise what's the point, right?

I'm sure it's very complicated coz at the same time the parties involved have to fully embrace the relationship like they're starting all over again. All the past issues should be settled and all past offenses be forgiven. I suppose the success or failure of second chances are contingent primarily (but not solely) on that.

Uh oh, I'd better shut up now. What do I know about these things anyway.

Well, I just thought that it'd be nice to invite some discussion on second chances. What are your thoughts on this?

While you think about that, let me call on the wisdom of Madonna (who else should it be anyway?)...

Gimme one more chance
Tell me that it's not too late

Let me win your love

Darlin' please don't hesitate

If you care for me
Be there for me

-- One More Chance
in Something to Remember, 1996


Lyka Bergen said...

It is all about Timing, my dear K. Both must be perfectly ready for the right time to be two-gether.

Kung di man nagwork noon, malay mo ngayon.... pwede na ulit.


Luis Batchoy said...

second chances are earned and deserved... As for me, they rarely come by, so it must be for a good cause... not just because... well, to each his own I say.

Jase said...

Ask Mandaya... she is a master of seconds and more chances, kaya nga Mandaya Moore sha!

kawadjan said...

Lyka: Ah, gusto mong sound track eh "Sana Maulit Kaya" na version ni Manny Pacquiao?

Luis: Rare talaga? Baket ang dami kong kilala na mega second serving? Hay naku, basta di ako nagpauso ng trend ha. Chowz.

Jase: I'm texting Mandaya as I speak. More kung more talaga di ba?

fuchsiaboy said...

hmmmm...marami akong kilala na di talaga nagwo-work ang second chances na yan kasi sa umpisa pa lang eh maling mali na.

you can never make h&m couture, ika nga.

kawadjan said...

Donita Rose: True, true. Importante ang foundation, di ba? It should blend in perfectly sa skin.


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