Sunday, July 05, 2009

Nice 2 meat you?

It's the second day of the long weekend in Thailand. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday next week are non-working days in observance of Buddhist Lent. I was planning to take a trip to some island in the east but alas I did not have anyone to go with.

In the end that proved to be a blessing coz I had more money for shopping. LOL. Today I even dropped by my favorite second-hand store that sells women's clothes. Love their stuff there coz they're all unique and quirky... not to mention cheap too! I ended up with a white shirt with some twisted detail.

Burberry Prorsum isdatchyu?

And oh, I also bought from the same shop that black jacket I'm wearing in the picture below. I love women's clothes!!!

But goodness, somebody please tell me to put an end to buying more and more and more. I'm serious; this shopping "spree" has to stop, it's not funny anymore.

Anyway, BFF Bubbles and I went to yet another night of clubbing in Silom last Friday and then Saturday evening we roamed around the Khao San Road area, basically people watching.

Today we visited the Bangkok Arts and Culture Centre, which has become one of my favorite places to hang out in since it opened last year. The space itself is striking, with the interior's shape compared very often to New York's Guggenheim Museum (I only saw the latter in pictures).

The curves are indeed elegant with many of its cavernous halls using natural lighting. It's also encouraging that there are regular shows in BACC and that many people, especially Thais, seem to visit it, thanks to its central location.

They've recently installed this humongous alien-like sculpture in front of the building and it has since caught the fancy of many of BKK's denizens.

There were a number of separate exhibits this time. There's even a show of the Philippines' Baldemor (I forgot his first name, basta it's not Leandro, LOL) in celebration of 60 years of Thai and Philippine diplomatic relations.

There was also an exhibit of Italian and Thai artists titled White Spring (if I remember it correctly). Perhaps the most fascinating piece is by Fabrizio Corneli, who used cut-outs and halogen lamps to cast large shadows on the wall.

A section was dedicated to Australian Brook Andrew also showed some of his works that use a variety of media.

The top floor of the BACC was allocated for a rather irreverent and eye-catching collaboration between a French and a Thai artist titled Nice to Meet You.

Oh, one more thing... we recently discovered this Chinese dumpling store in Central World that has the most amazing sticky rice thingie wrapped in some leaves (gosh, somebody please tell me what this is called in Thai).

I ate there three times this week!

And oh... did I mention we camwhored?


ironbark said...

What an interesting place. I must visit when I am next in BKK

Lyka Bergen said...


Especially your slothful look and Bubbles' refinement.

fuchsiaboy said...

at bakit di mo ako dinala dyan sa 2nd hand store na yan? ay di nagsi-share!!!

ang label ba ng twisted tank mo eh rick owens? check mo nga.

The Zen Bitch said...

it's manuel baldemor, dearie... and he's really related to leandro baldemor...

i'll remember to check this place out when i'm back in bkk...

Kiks said...

i am so jealous.

of the shop. the museum. the food.

i remember my tatay making that sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaves. it is so delish i usually shed a tear when i eat it.

as for the pics, i love the attention drawn on the eyes. buti na lang at wala kayong tyan. so beauteous. so AusNTM.

kiel estrella said...

ganda ng place. dalhin mo rin ako dyan pagbalik ko ng bkk, hah?

burrito said...

is that thai? sa chinese kasi, yung sticky rice in the pic is called machang.

kawadjan said...

Ironbark: True.

Lyka: Slothful kung slothful!

Zenaida: When will you visit BKK again?

Kiks: Ay we have a version of that rice dish in the Philippines? Malamang sa Bicol lang.

Kiel: When are you coming to BKK ba?

Burrito: We ate it at the Chinese restaurant eh. Will research what it's called in Thai.

kawadjan said...

Donita: Sorry, I missed your comment.

That shop is actually in Siam Square, but we did not have time to go there anymore. Remember, we could barely catch our breath trying to visit as many shops as we can.

They mainly sell vintage clothes from Japan and Korea, and even perhaps HK, judging the labels. So I'm afraid that the shirt is not Rick Owens.

Anyway dahling, you better bring your obese ass back to BKK ASAP coz as you already know shopping here just never ends.

(Hayan, I hope I made up for missing your comment. Tse.)

Anonymous said...

In chinese it's Machang.
Thai people call it "Ba Chang" or "Ba Jang". I think it's teochew chinese.


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