Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Devil Has Spoken

I'm still downloading this video as I type this entry, but I've seen some snippets of it somewhere and truly this is an interview that has a lot of bite to it. After all, it's Anna Fucking Wintour.

She's currently promoting the documentary called The September Issue, which is an insider's look into how Vogue produces its most important issue of the year.

I'm dying to see that film and I wonder who I need to blow for a copy like NOW.

Go watch the interview below...

“I’m an ice queen,
I’m the Sun King,
I’m an alien fleeing from District 9,
and I’m a dominatrix.
So I reckon that makes me a lukewarm royalty with a whip from outer space.
What do you think?”


Lyka Bergen said...

I will be wearing a Proenza Schouler on Sept. 10th in NYC! See you there!

kawadjan said...

Lyka: Vengga ha. Nakakainggit... na mapapanood mo ang docu and not on the Proenza Schouler. What is she wearing in this interview, BTW?


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