Monday, August 24, 2009

I Heart Chiang Mai

Quick post about my trip to Chiang Mai last week...

Our office had a big meeting in the northern city, supposedly the second most important city in Thailand. And oh, it was also voted as one of the best cities in the world this year by Travel + Leisure magazine.

Lately, Chiang Mai was in the spotlight coz a baby panda was born at the Chiang Mai Zoo. For a time Thailand was totally swept with panda fever.

Anyhoot, it was perfect that we went to Chiang Mai this year coz I've long wanted to visit it.

Chiang Mai definitely left a very good impression on me mainly for it's laid back atmosphere but still with the trappings of a veritable city.

I love the fact that there are gazillions of coffee shops all over the city and each one is as charming as the other.

Chiang Mai was also teeming with temples and I had the chance to visit some of them until I experienced some serious temple overdose.

And of course when in Chiang Mai one of the must-sees are the elephants. Good gawd, elephants and I do not have nothing in common, so... yawn.

Chiang Mai's markets are likewise brimming with woven fabrics, silver jewelry and other butingtings, and heaps of kawai stuff sold in the streets. Seems like Chiang Mai also is a big producer of amazing furniture and house abubot.

I'm sooooo going to Chiang Mai within this year... preferably during the cold season. And I'd probably give that baby panda a good cuddling.

Anyway, I really loved traveling with my colleagues coz they're quite a fun bunch. With this trip in particular I developed more respect for them. Again I saw how they work so well as a team and can even carry such amazing equanimity despite the pressure.

And of course work is always sanuk (fun). Indeed, I feel tres lucky to be working with them.


jericho said...

love the city too. better weather. transpo is harder though. cute guys around... haha

Was Once said...

The best coffee in Thailand is there too:
pick some up, they have light and dark roast.

fuchsiaboy said...

ay akala ko yung elephant eh yung isa mong friend, hahaha!

i'm sure believe ka sa mga co-workers mo dahil silang lahat ang gumawa ng trabaho mo. anu nga ba naman ang role ng muse, di ba?

Find Bangkok Hotels said...

Chiang mai is the center of the northern Thailand, 700 km north of Bangkok. It is one of the world's best-known tourist places, thanks to its tourist attractions of culture, tradition, and beautiful nature. Chiang Mai's beautiful scenery is formed by the mountainous landscape and the cold weather especially in winter.

kawadjan said...

Jericho: Tunay. Should be worth going back to.

Was Once: I went berserk with their coffee in Chiang Mai. Thanks for the recommendation. For next time!

Donita: Gagah. Nagpagod din ako. Mahirap mag-coordinate ng damit ha.


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