Thursday, September 03, 2009


How it happened that I was holding hands with a boy in the middle of Silom a little after midnight last Saturday, half drunk and heading to buy pizza, started quite wrong, or unexpected at least.

I honestly didn't plan a hook-up last Friday or any day for that matter. I'm way too ooooold for them hook ups.

I was already home by around 9:30 p.m. from watching a movie alone last Friday. But a short MSN chat later I was headed to BKK's gayborhood and was sharing drinks and cigarettes with Yasmeen Ghauri.

I haven't had any sensible conversation with any guy these past many months (well, except from my guy friends, who technically do not count). We all know that there's a dearth of intellectually stimulating men in this city.

On MSN, Yasmeen Ghauri was intellectually sound enough to merit a meeting, at least for drinks, as my initial intention was (I swear!).

In fact Yasmeen Ghauri was way beyond sensible when I finally met him obfuscated with cigarette smoke. Behind the carbon monoxide, however, was a smart, articulate, and charming guy, thus (un)covering what's "right" about him. God knows that if you put an intelligent guy in front of me I get wobbly in the knees.

Having said that, he was also "wrong" on account of the fact that he was in BangCock for a short trip. I've for a long time now sworn off meeting these kind of guys for the most obvious reason that they are mainly here in BangCock to shag as many boys they can. I know I'm presumptuous, but am I not right?

Besides, and most importantly (ha!), he did not really come close to my required body mass index to make him remotely sexy in my book. You may kill me now.

Well obviously these "wrongs" outweighed the "rights", hence explaining why after stops in a couple of clubs and about half a dozen cocktails later, we ended up having cold pizza at his place and literally* dancing the swing at five in the morning. Queso!!! (I learned "queso" from Japheth.)

The next evening we had dinner (yes, I remember some candles on the table... charot!) while talking about global warming and third world debt (nah!). He really did most of the talking while I interrogated him on a host of topics about his life and views.

God, Yasmeen Ghauri can talk! Being a former journalist, his spiels are so vibrant yet tight. I was raptly listening the whole time, pretty much wishing that I can be as coherent as him.

When we went back to his place he shared with me three blogs that he writes. I had been reading them the past days and good gawd his writing is truly admirable. He makes the banal sound sensational, not to mention that (assuming he is writing honestly) his blogs reveal a romanticism in him that is quite endearing.

OK, let me wrap this up before I start worshiping the keypad of his notebook.

There's nothing much to say actually. He caught his flight last Sunday afternoon.

* To respond to Man of the Rose's question. Hihihihi.


Man of the Rose said...

dear, when you say "swing with him" did yuo mean literally swing or metaphorically speaking??? well, old or not, at least you had fun!

fuchsiaboy said...

nakuha ka sa 'spiel'!? hahaha!

naku, tama ako na ang passion mo now involves dinner (among other things) at di fashion.

the previous post is just a ploy to make it less obvious. hahaha!

Dawn Selya said...

so maybe this is the start of something more beautiful...

kiel estrella said...


kinilig naman ako dito.i always thought talking about 3rd world debt and global warming is the best foreplay. but i thought it was just because i was a geek. but now, miz K himself is a convert.

luv the new banner btw.

Lyka Bergen said...

Kurdi, Bleeth, and all the Yasmeens of the World including the real Ghauri, lets welcome Miss Pakistan, 18, in Gianfranco Ferre!

When in doubt,..... pout!

kawadjan said...

MOTheR: Hahahaha. Gosh, I had to amend the entry just for you ha.

Donita: Dahling, I have an image to protect... Chowz!!!

Dawn: Ay naku, deadma akez. Let's see... babalik sya later this month.

Kiel: Naku we even talked about the war in Afghanistan and the drug trade in Mexico. Kalowka ang concept. Thanks for the compliment on the banner. I realized mood ko now ang maging ascetic (at least sa banner).

Lyka: Mismo. But then wala silang rep sa Miss U, no? Chaka!!!


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