Monday, September 07, 2009

Ping Pong and Bowling

Hay, the week that was... let's do some recap, shall we?

Wednesday, three Binibining Pilipinas title-holders visited Bangkok. It was my pleasure to host Dindi Gallardo (Bb. Pilipinas - Universe 1993), Liza Berroya (Bb. Pilipinas - Universe 1992), and Alou Gonzales (Bb. Pilipinas - Universe 1991).

This is some old random Bb. Pilipinas picture.

Dindi Gallardo and I were colleagues in Davao around six years ago and had been very good friends since then. The other two ladies are friends of Dindi.

The girls were doing their Southeast Asian tour of duty and they stopped over in BangCock for a day. They arrived on the overnight train from Hat Yai (they came in via Penang) and were on their way to Siem Reap the next day.

Dindi Gallardo does the (in)famous Kawadjan pout.

Needless to say, I was the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) agent yet again. Like I know, right?

We obviously did not have much time to waste so I immediately whisked them away to Pratunam coz the girls were serious on their intent to amass more evening gowns for the next round of barrio beauty pageants back in Las Islas Filipinas.

Professional beauconeara ang mga bruja, di ba?

As the girls were looking for new gimmicks in the talent competition - aside from the over-used Sisa play-acting (Basiliooooo, Crispiiiiiin!!!!), interpretative dance with billowing curtina fabrics, and "modern" singkil involving three cargadors hoisting girls on bamboo poles - they were very specific on watching the ping pong shows.

Here we go again...

So to Pat Pong we went for that authentic BangCock tourist experience. I chose to stay outside coz the sight of monster pussies does not exactly excite me in any manner whatsoever.

The three title-holders came out squealing from the ping pong show. The TAT would be so proud of me, chai mai?

Last Friday, I went out to play bowling with Neomie Lenoir and his BF, Chutima Durongdej (Miss Thailand Universe 2009).

Joining us were three other Thai title-holders: Gavintra Photijak (Miss Thailand Universe 2008), Farung Yuthithum (Miss Thailand Universe 2007), and Charm Onwarin Osathanond (Miss Thailand Universe 2006).

It was an all-gay evening, which makes me wonder... bowling and faggotry do not usually go together, chai mai? I don't know, badminton would have been a more obvious choice. Or at least volleyball. But bowling?

Anyway, at least the lighting in the "bowling place" (what do you call THAT exactly???) in Paragon is not that bad.

Good gawd, I knew it was a horrible idea coz the baklas obviously were way beyond dismal in our bowling skills. At least we practiced our trash-talking to the max though. THAT I'm good in!

The evening ended with us bayots heading to the Silom gayborhood.

And I could not be more than a big cliche by going to yet another evening at Silom last Saturday evening with Best Faggot Friend (BFF), Bubbles, who is a Binibining Pilipinas emeritus himself.

Oh BTW, big week for me ahead! Maria Myrna Sese Panlilio (Bb. Pilipinas 1964, the first representative of the Philippines to the Miss Universe) is visiting BangCock this weekend and we are watching Lea Salonga's concert (for real!).

Maria Myrna and I are going in Pocahontas and Mulan costumes, respectively.


fuchsiaboy said...

wala bang jo-ann bitagcol or stella tenant sa mga friends mo? nakakaumay ang mga beauty queens na yan. tse!


u.v. lighting?

jayclops said...

sus abi kog kinsang dindi-ha. hehehehe

[G] said...

nagbago na ang title ko? baket ako na demote? i used to be The Czarina!

kawadjan said...

Donita: Anoh bah, mga tanim lang ang pinapangalanan ko after supermodels... and well, the "interesting" menchus too. But the rest are just beauconeras.

Jay: Si Dindi gud nga ka-batch ni Ruffa. LOL.

G: Haler, you don't have a kingdom anymore coz you keep on moving like crazy. Nagsi-alisan na ang mga subjects mo. So for the meantime, Bb. Pilipinas ka.

Jase said...

I lab lab this entry! A way to remember the bayoties past! Asan na kaya silah!

Jezebel Patel said...

akala ko naman napaka-powerful mo and you truly know the Gallardos - shet!! I was like..

kla said...

ate! thanks again sa pag-tour samen. miss you! :p btw, i love the way you spell thailand's capital. lol

kawadjan said...

Jase: Naku, lumaki ka talaga nung height ng powers ni Madame Araneta.

Jez: Di ko kaya ang Gallardos. Hanggang Patels, Bergens, Tans, and Os lang ako for now.

Kla: Mareh, balik kayo soon ha. Di ka ba nakakita ng Cock sa BangCock? Pussy kase gusto nyo eh. Mga tomboy! Kisses!


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