Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Czarina of Penang Runs to BKK

Dios mio, kapagod the weekend tawas (for the kili-kili)...

As mentioned in a previous post, THE Czarina of Penang sneaked into BangCock for three days. He arrived last Friday and left this afternoon. The Czarina is actually on a run from the Malaysian immigration bureau (read: visa run ito).

Well, needless to say, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) had to send their best person to show the Czarina of Penang around the City of Angels. Yeah, that best person is me no less. *Blush.*

So on his first evening here he was given a grand welcome by top BangCock celebrities Bubbles and Liawayway. Us four girls had a drink at Lang Suan. We tried our best to maintain our finesse as we drooled over the many exquisite male species surrounding us. More drooling happened when we ended up in the Silom gayborhood.

Oh, you should commend us for our self-restraint. Now let's say this together... CHOOOZ!

The next day, I brought the Czarina to the Golden Mount where we had a 360-degree view of the Rattanakosin Island neighborhood. The Czarina nearly broke his knees climbing the tall temple. And then he also nearly broke his frail back from too much crouching and kneeling all in the name of a good photo.

From there we hopped on one of those long-tail boats that traversed a foul-smelling, yet charming, canal in downtown Bangkok. We eventually found ourselves in major tourist trap MBK where we had lunch with Heidi and Hye Kim Park.

Crossing over to the Bangkok Arts and Culture Centre, we met met Bubbles and explored the recent exhibit, which was about motherhood (I did not read enough of the captions).

Goodness, it was utong (nipples) galore!!!

Shout out to Lyka Bergen at this point. Tse!

Going back... of course Bubbles werqed the art pieces... or wait, he is an art piece himself, no?

In the evening, the Czarina and I had to step into our couture gowns for Lea Salonga's concert with the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra. Her brother Gerard Salonga was the conductor. See Lea Salonga's Wikipedia entry here.

The Czarina and I were surprised to see the humongous Queen Sirikit Convention Centre fully packed. There were of course gazillions of Filipinos in the crowd.

It was a dream come true to watch Lea, my first time in fact.

At the start of the concert she said that she just came out from a hospital in Bangkok where she was treated for a serious case of tonsillitis and some kind of throat or respiratory infection.

Nonetheless, she managed to deliver a goosebumps-inducing performance of popular Disney songs and pieces from Broadway and West End musicals. The crowd was on its feet when she finished a haunting rendition of "I Dream a Dream" from Les Miserables.

Interestingly enough, she invited a male audience member to sing "A Whole New World" (from Aladdin) with her. Eventually four men ended up on the stage with her, two Thais and two Pinoys.

The Czarina and I laughed at the idea of doing a karaoke session with the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra. Good gawd, now we know who to invite on our next birthday parties, no?

Apres the concert, the Czarina and I rushed to the Moon Bar at the Banyan Tree to meet Neomie Lenoir, his BF Chutima Durongdej, and a number of his friends for some "farewell drinks". Neomie has finished his internship and is going back to France tomorrow.

From Banyan Tree we moved to Silom for yet another night of dancing squeezed between the ravishing men of BangCock.

I will end this report with a note to Czarina...

Gagah kah, di pa tayo tapos sa processing eh nang-iwan kah nah. Tseh!

Khop khum maak kha for the latest additions to my modeling portfolio. Asus!

And please don't forget to fill out the Tourism Authority of Thailand feedback form because my promotion rests on that. Hope you had a wonderful time in the Land of Smiles and see you again soon, mare.

(All photos in this post are by the Czarina of Penang.)


Lyka Bergen said...

FYI, my utong is now a work of art. But sorry ka, di sya pang-Third World. Thanks to Bubbles, my inspiration.

Like the real Anna Wintour would say (at the end of The September Issue movie), i'll leave you with .....

"Anything Else?"

burrito said...

isa lang ang napulot ko sa post na to -- ang cute ni hye kim park. tse!

Jase said...

Sabatikaaaa !!! Berri nice man ang mga potos oy! Labi na gayud ang pag-cirque solei nimo diha... berri pierce .. brosnan! Basig mabalian kha neng ha! Vut in the name of passion, go lang ng goh!

fuchsiaboy said...

mga katanungan:

1.nearly broke his knees from kneeling and nearly broke his frail back from too much crouching? hmmm... pero go pa rin sa party places ng Bangcock ha!?

2.lyka's utong is just everywhere, non?

3.bakit di na naman ako kasali sa processing?

kawadjan said...

Lyka: Kaya nga the exhibit is for you. Bubbles is making waves na talaga no? Ay naku, I will not post his pics here next time. I don't like competition.

Burrito: Naku, alam ba yan ni Bitch of Bangkok, mare?

Jase: Kahit madurog ako into shreds I would still pose. Chowz!

Fuchsiaboy: Mga kasagutan..

(1) He went to Bumungrad for an emergency back and knee operation.

(2) Mismo.

(3) Kase wala kang issue. Kathang-isip ka lang kase. Konsepto. Alamat. Pilosopiya.


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