Monday, September 14, 2009


OMG, the prints are out. I'm talking about my updated portfolio, which is just in time for the fashion weeks in London, Milan, and Paris. Too bad they did not make in time for New York, but there's always next season.

As mentioned in the previous post, the Czarina of Penang was instrumental (instrumental daw oh!) in my latest photos.

But before we see them, allow me to pull out some pictures from the archives to remind you about something...

Yeah, these pictures were taken by the Czarina of Penang in the now infamous shoots in Penang and Laos last year. Gosh, remember how even Vogue Italia practically stole our concept (see the controversial story here)?

I know, I know, I'm now like the official muse of the Czarina of Penang!!!

We do have a special collaboration all the time. All he needs to say is:

"Bayot, i-werq mo nga yang (insert location/item here, i.e. hagdan, bato, pinto, puntod, palanggana, bangka, dildo, kama, pusa, aso, kalabaw, etc.). Now. Na."

Such few words to change fashion photography fowevah, non? So without missing a beat, I'm werqing whatever I was told to werq, no questions asked even if I have to bleed to death.

Anyway, I've said enough... let's just take a look at the pictures already. Keri? Keri!

Let me also credit the wonderful people who provided the very, very expensive (not to mention exclusive) items for this mayhay editorial:

Hat - Khao San Road
Shirt - Chatuchak Soi 17 Section 13 Stall 22
Pekpek shorts - Khao San Road, with an uber cute Burmese owner
Sun glasses - Khao San Road, in front of the Indian tailor
Watch - Iloilo tabuan (pasalubong from Donita)
Silver bracelet - Chiang Mai evening market
Rubber bangles - Surigao public market
Cork necklace - pasalubong of Don Protasio aka Fuchsiaboy the Empress of Siem Reap
Shoes - Castro

Oh, by the way... look who has a new signature pose?

I'm so tired of jumping shots already, a lot of other people have copied the pose from me. Right, Kiel? (Peace, mareh!)

My new signature pose is the "lambitin sa hagdan pose". It's so original and inspired. Perfect for social climbers like moi, di ba?

Again, super thanks to the Czarina of Penang for what was yet another ferosha work. I'm super humbled, I swear.

Gosh, can I like expect our concept to be copied by Vogue Paris? I would not be surprised.

That's all, bitches.


mel beckham said...

I want to see more. Hahaha! Ate G patented na ba yang pose mo? Sana next time kasali na rin si Ate Gibo sa photos. Hihi

Jase said...

Ang ganda mo neng!

fuchsiaboy said...

fierce ang pose. we have to do another set for my s/s 2010 collection.

[G] said...

don, i-plano na yan!

Lyka Bergen said...

I challenge the Czarina of Penang for a photoshoot with the same Chatuchak Model and the same Khao San fashion in Rajashthan's exotic locations next year.

Esteban May Selle.

jt said...

Ganda mo teh. ayhaychu!

kawadjan said...

Mel: I'm still trying to convince the Czarina to pose with me. Yung mala Tom Ford with Keira Knightley and Scarlet Johanson. Ako si Scarlet. Ikaw si Keira. Si Czarina si Tom. Chowz!

Jase: Thanks. *Sabay blush sa left cheek.*

Donita: Naku, handa ako any time. You can contact my agency.

[G]: Oo nga. Nananahi pa yata si ate mo now eh.

Lyka: Hahahaha. OMG, hamon kung hamon! Wag nyo akong pag-agawan... I can make both of you happy naman eh. CORRECTION: I am not Chatuchak Weekend Market. I am Suan Lum Night Bazaar. Slightly mas mahalia.

JT: Thanks. *Sabay blush sa right cheek.*

Lyka Bergen said...

Ay! akala ko taga Soi Na-Na ka?

[G] said...

@ soi nana, walang damit dun, lahat hubad!

Lyka Bergen said...

Yun nga ang ibig kong sabihin [G], there is nothing special sa damit ng Chatuchak Model na ito, kaya dapat hubaran! Chos!

kawadjan said...

Lyka and Gibo: Naku, pa-Khao San Khao San muna ako ngayon kase di pa tapos ang Givenchy and Christian Lacroix couture gowns ko.

May third fitting pa kame kase pumayat ako lately.

Sa Rajastan doon bongga ang damit ko... mga Elie Saab and Armani Prive.


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