Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Men of London

The fashionista pack has moved to London for the city's fashion week. And these highly mobile worshipers of fashion are closely observed by street-style photographers, who then never fail to churn out inspiring images of the scene outside the shows.

If any one of you is following these sites (there are dozens and dozens of them and a good sampling can be found on my sidebar called "Streetstyle Blogs"), there had been amazing street-style shots including that of Filipino blogger Bryanboy, who was featured in Altamira and Facehunter in New York.

Byranboy in Altamira (see post here).

Anyway, forward several days to London... look what I found in two of the most notable street-style blogs around...

How very striking these men are, no?

From the Sartorialist.

From Stylesightings.

Let's see what Milan street-style has to offer. That's next week.


Bryan Anthony said...

si katukayong brian ba yun? akala ko baklang zorro!

fuchsiaboy said...

lyka would definitely love to wear the very sheer tank top. it's so her! ;)


i heard may pulmonya na daw ang batang yan.

kawadjan said...

Bryan: True. Sana kasing laki nito sunglasses mo noh?

Donita: That shirt has LYKA BERGEN written all over it nga.


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