Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Poetry by Don Protasio

Major orgasms tonight. And I mean MAYJAY!

I received a loot from the Grand Dame of Siem Reap, Fuchsiaboy ITSELF. It came in this pretty little black bag from Donita's shop called Poetry (see shop's own blog in this link).

Let's look at the smaller items first.

Pink leather bracelet by Don Protasio

Neck-piece with pendant by Don Protasio

Ukay-ukay shirt in shimmery and see-through fabric (I forgot the brand... something Gay)

Reworked top from a vintage shirt by Don Protasio. Love, love, love eeeeet!

Utong altert. See-through sweater by Don Protasio. I died.

Thanks dahling!!!

Thanks for the multiple orgasms.

P.S. Donita, pasabi pala ni Ryan, sa Lunes na raw sya papasok kase he's extending his stay here in BangCock.

P.P.S. Attention Kiel Estrella... iheychu! Hahaha. Why did you make pansin pa my belly? Hmp. Yes, it's a bloody belly coz I just came back from McDonald's when I took those pics last night. It's not fat, it's called bloating. Hmp. And one more... hmp.


Anonymous said...

Hey, sweetpea...the yellow is cool, but for some reason does not pull the best color out of your face.

blagadag said...

inggetch akech sa orgasmic mode. ahm supah tigang kasi. haiz. like the neck piece, too.

Lyka Bergen said...

Bat yung DP archaic medallion lang ang bigay sa akin at sa yo ang dami? At may Ryan pa! Tse!

fuchsiaboy said...

glad you love it, dahling.

lyka - kasi akala ko conservative ka eh di naman ako gumagawa ng damit para sa madre. kita mo naman designs ko labas utong ang mode.

BB said...

love the last piece....I also wana have a santa who sends me hot clothes...anyone?

Bubbles said...

I love the accessories... naku may isusuot ka na sa Madonna party tomorrow... maghuhubad na lang ako.... mali topless pala :) Lyka don't worry your utong is better than mine..just wanna show some "stuff"....fishhhhhhh

Jase said...

I like the yellow sweater!

kiel estrella said...

don's design language is deconstructed poetry of fashion, indeed. (anong ibig sabihin non? mah?!)

is that a hint of a belly i see, kawadjan? goodness, something has to be done on the nutritional information of A4's ha.

fuchsiaboy said...

kiel, ay di mo alam? Buntis si kawadjan. Sssshhhhh...ang tatay yung last na katsoktsaktsenes nya. See an earlier post ;)

kawadjan said...

Anonymous: Ayyyy... Yun lang.

Blagadag: Fuchsiaboy gives the best orgasm around. Chenes.

Lyka: Si Ryan na walang kamalay-malay.

Donita: Salamat ulit. I hope I give your clothes justice.

BB: Gasp, Santa is real? You should be friends with Alexander... you know Mr McQueen?

Bubbles: Pang Koh Chang ang costumes na yan, mareh.

Jase: Kahit kita ang utong mo?

Kiel: Na-gets kita. And I replied to your tyan comment na. Iheychu pa rin. Hmp.

Donita: Yeah, regrettably I forgot my morning after pill. Let's pick a name for the baby na!!!

Lyka Bergen said...

Di na ako dadaan ng Siem Reap on my way to India next year!

kawadjan said...

Ay boycott bigla ang Siem Reap by the Lyka Bergen? Gosh, Donita, you have to address this issue. Now. Na.

fuchsiaboy said...

Lyka - wag ka ng magtampo. naku don't worry pag dumaan ka dito i will make for you a corset bra ala jean paul gaultier. perfect yan kasi trend for s/s 10. gamitin mo sa agra habang nakasakay sa elepante!


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