Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Bubbles Invades Koh Chang

Sniffing and sneezing to death today. Sore throat. On top of that I feel feverish and have a slight headache. I'm drinking water like my life depends on it.

All this is explained purely by my trip to Koh Chang, an island on the east of Thailand. As mentioned in the previous post, I was with Liwayway and Bubbles on this trip. The weekend getaway was to celebrate the birthday of BFF Bubbles, who turned 18 yesterday. (Please send him your love.)

It was of course bonding galore with the girls, whom I immensely enjoy traveling with.

I had been dying to visit Koh Chang and I was quite excited to see it finally. We stayed mainly in Lonely Beach but had the chance to see a waterfalls and visit the popular White Sand Beach (which turned out to be super commercialized).

Koh Chang was rainy and cloudy most of the time. The water was choppy. We went under the rain instead of swimming, hence the colds and sore throat.

We of course got drunk in the evenings and on our last night I practically slept on the beach coz I drank way too much vodka.

Needless to say there were loads of chamwhoring, some of which cannot be shown here (Bubbles' pictures of course). I'm still waiting for the pictures from Liwayway and Bubbles cameras so for the meantime I post these photos from my crappy camera.

Will share a few more pictures in the coming days.


Lyka Bergen said...

aaaah... Ok!

Jase said...

Si Bubbles talagah! Eskandaloza!

fuchsiaboy said...

happy birthday bubbles!

naku bawal ang magkasakit kasi ang mahal ng mga gamot. i feel sorry for you and lyka (who's suffering some nail problem), so you do take care.

yan kasi ang sabi ng ina di sinusunod! sinabi ng wag hayaang matuyuan ng pawis ang likod pagkatapos ng isang nakakapawis na gawain. ayan tuloy...

Leon Koh said...

like the pic of the legs against the sunset

kawadjan said...

Lyka: Statement???

Jase: True. Isakandaloza to the nth power, kaya mahal ko sya.

Don: Wala kaming ginawang nakakapawis noh. Ang lamig lamig nga eh.

Leon: Thanks!


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