Thursday, October 08, 2009

Bulagaan in Koh Chang

Buwahahahahaha... (cough, cough). Leche, I'm still sick.

But that does not stop me from spreading faggotry, di ba?

Well, the photos of our Koh Chang trip just arrived and what else is there to do but post them on the blog?!

Gosh, I'd stop typing na coz it's draining me of what's left of my energy.

But before we proceed, let me share with you a quote from America's Next Top Model.

"Is Bianca a noun or a verb?
Meaning she CAN model, but is she A model?"
-- Tyra Banks

Now, what are you? A noun, verb, pronoun, or adjective?

Anyway, let the camwhoring begin!

Floating Bubbles.

The photographer with muse.

Barnyard chic.

Because the photographer wanted to photograph us under the rain, we really didn't have a choice but to shiver in the cold while SMIZING (that's smiling eyez, bitch). Hay, dahil sa punyetang ulan na yan nagkasakit akohhhh!

My new signature pose, remember?

Move, bitch. Mooooove!

Pati saging di pinatawad.


OMG... Fresh from the press. Look who landed on the cover of the the October issue of BOG???

See the original post here.

I'm lyk... honored.


fuchsiaboy said...

you seem fond of bananas these days. i believe last night you had ONE also. ;)

Lyka Bergen said...

This is too much of a Verb! Too much of acting! Charot!

Yj said...

congrats sa cover teh...

kelan kaya ako mafi-feature jan?


Dawn Selya said...

ganda.. Thailand's Next Top Model ba? :)

Jase said...

Wagi ang composition ng last photo na naging cover ng BOG! luv the colors ... green, brown and yellow! very ethnique...

L said...

Sa sunod ha grapes naman... puede ring durian kaya lang matinik...

Anonymous said...

The bananas go on your head, Carmen!

kawadjan said...

Donita: What "last night"? Chowz.

Lyka: That's how you smize, dahling.

Yj: Go grab a bunch of atis.

Dawn: Hahahah. Thanks, love.

Jase: Salamat, mareh. Let's send our hugs to Liwayway, the photographer.

L: Salamat!!! Maramaing salamat!

Anonymous: Hahaha. I have pics of them on my head too!


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