Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween Weekend Report

OMG, I can't believe it's already November. Las Islas Filipinas should be celebrating Todos Los Santos today and the Feast of the Dead tomorrow. I miss that crazy holiday already! Anyway, hope everyone's having a grand time at the cemeteries all over the country.

Meanwhile, here in BKK we will be celebrating Loy Krathong tomorrow. Loy Krathong is the festival of lights and surely I'd write about that next week.

For the mean time, I shall do the requisite weekend report. Dios mio, haggard the weekend that was ha, so shall we start?

Last Friday evening I met amiga Nikki, who was my trainer when I worked for six months in a call center in Manila. She recently got married to Carlo and they were traveling around the region (Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, and Singapore) for several days.

Of course I was the Tourism Authority of Thailand's agent yet again, di ba? I walked them around Silom and we eventually ended up in Suan Lum Night Bazaar for dinner where we met up with Heidi (la primera Bitch of Bangkok).

I had to leave Nikki and hubby in Suan Lum coz Heidi and I were supposed to meet Bubbles for the Face Hunter party in nearby Ruam Rudee.

Yeah, I'm talking about the Face Hunter a.k.a Yvan Rodic, street-style blogger extraordinaire.

Oh, don't ask me who Face Hunter is. Like have you been living under a rock these past four years? *Rolls eyes*. He's like more important than the Pope noh!

You can check his street-style blog Face Hunter and his other photo blog Yvan Rodic (the latter blog is actually more interesting for me). He stopped by BKK after Tel Aviv, Seoul, and Taipei. His BKK trip was followed by short visits to Kuala Lumpur and then Jakarta. Only God knows where he's heading next.

I had like four seconds talking to Yvan, and I immediately noticed he was holding a Cannon G10 in his hands. Now that answers what camera I'm going to buy.

Oh, he also took photos of the skull brooches I wore that evening. But we all know he took another 5,000 photos of the fashionable people of BKK the five days he was here, so I can only wish that my little brooches would land on his blog.

OK, let's talk about Halloween.

The Khao San Road area is definitely the place to go for Halloween so off we went walking around its streets crammed with gazillions of revelers in their most horrifying costumes of the year.

We eventually ended up in our usual street-side bar manned by a Burmese guy whose facial bone structure can solve the world's biggest problems.

Miss Liwayway joined us later in the evening with friends from a Manila-based magazine publisher. We also bumped into a BKK-based Pinay whom I shall call Chiqui Nene (do you like the name, Chiqui?). She apparently reads my blog so lemme say HALER!!! to Miss Nene (wearing a pink head band in the photo below).

The evening ended with us heading to some club in a basement full of straight people. I swear nothing terrifies me more than being surrounded by straight people. A fitting end to Halloween, non?


jericho said...

Loy Krathong na pala bukas. Di ba yan yung nagpapa-anod sila ng something lighted (kandila ba yun?) sa river? habang kumakanta ng Loy, loy krathong? hehe

kiel estrella said...

i'm sure the tourism dept. of bangkok owes you a lot of money for the services you render almost every weekend. have you thought about officially assking them to pay you?! haha

Was Once said...

I think you can do better than Yvan finding great faces and wear in BKK. Get that camera!

fuchsiaboy said...

can't wait to be back in bkk.

oneditorial said...

It sounds like you had such a great time. I wish I was in Thailand to celebrate Loy Krathong. I miss seeing lanterns along the river and the beauty of hundreds of small rafts floating on the river. It is also such a romantic time for those who are lovers to release a "Krathong" on the river together. ^______^ I am so envious!

kawadjan said...

Jericho: Kuracha! Gosh, you know your Thai culture very well ha.

Kiel: Naku, let's just say it's my in-kind contribution to Thailand's economy, di ba?

Was Once: Hahaha. Thanks for thinking so. I'm wishing Santa would give me that cam for Xmas. But I've been a bad boy, so let's see...

Donita: True! Matagal ka nang hinihintay ng mga taga Nana and Soi Cowboy.

Oneditorial: I know, right? It's only last year that I heard about lovers releasing a krathong together. I did not have enough time to find one!


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