Saturday, November 14, 2009

I Heart Lyka Bergen

It came far and wide.

From San Francisco to Hong Kong (thanks to the erstwhile Czarina of Penang).
From Hong Kong to Manila.
From Manila to Roxas (thanks to Fuchsiaboy).
From Roxas to BangCock.

Ladies and bayots...

I. Died. And I'm talking MAYJAY multiple orgasms here, my sweethearts.

Khorp khum maak kha, Miss Lyka.

It all started with a wish. I just said the three magic words: Up To You.

Remember this post when I threw a wish to the universe? And then a month later Lyka posted this on his blog.... proof that wishes do come true!

Do you recall the Miss Universe song? As his little sister, I wanna sing this now for Miss Lyka...

You are my star
You light my way

You brighten all my nights and make my day...

Like a hope…like a dream

No request, is too extreme

When you wish, upon a star

Your dreams, your dreams come true...

La la la, la la la...

Moving on... look who's in town, bitches?


Dexter Mejia said...

white shirt/dress looks like the type that the Virgin Mary devotees would wear like in "Himala"

Bubbles said...

Love love and love!!!!Blusa kung Blusa at puti pa... virginal! Tinalo mo si Snooky Serna sa kanyang Blusang Itim bwahahahaha

Lyka Bergen said...

Malayo din pala ang naabot ng book na toh! Pero winner talaga ang blusang puti!

fuchsiaboy said...

hahaha! ;)

kawadjan said...

Ganon!!! Lahat na lang tungkol sa blusa! Donita, magpamudmud ka nga ng blusa sa mga fans mo.


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