Monday, November 16, 2009

Bakla in Motion

Weekend report... in pictures with premier stariray Donita Rose Mary "Baby" Arenas.

Bangkok Arts and Culture Centre

Shopping at a second-hand store in Siam Square.

At Tha Tien market (near Silpakorn Univ and Thammasat Univ).

Old cassette tapes.

Say cheese!

The clavicles are giddy... damn right they're better than yours...

Wang Lang market (across the river).

Some finds at Wang Lang's famed second-hand shops.

Twilight Dancers.



Anufi, Patronesa-in-waiting ng mga Tunay na Veyklas said...

love the pustisos kawadjan dear, :) love your blog site, too.

Lyka Bergen said...

Kaka-irate ang bulagaan ha! Chos!

fuchsiaboy said...


kawadjan said...

Anufi: Salamat, mareh.

Lyka: Hahaha. Irate ka na lang ever... hormones!

Donita: Panalo indeed!


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