Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Sharonian

For some reason, I had an 80s day today starting with searching for Claire dela Fuente's Sayang on Youtube. That song is not even 80's, no? It should be something like 70s at least.

Anyway, Sayang led to Sayang na Sayang by Manilyn Reynes and then Tamis ng Unang Halik by Tina Paner, and then eventually Mr Dreamboy by Sherryl Cruz. (The links bring you to the videos.)

Now talk about nostalgia overload!

As a child of the 80s, I totally reveled with these finds.

Searching further, I stumbled into this vintage Sharon Cuneta video singing Here Comes the Rain Again on GMA Supershow. I had a fucking blast watching this video. I swear.

The set's just hilarious. It looks like it's made of Styrofoam or, I don't know, cardboard perhaps? And the flashing bulbs! Girl, it looks like a peryahan, di ba?

Then in comes Sharon in a billowy neon fuchsia dress that completely swallows here up. Actually she's wearing a kind of maternity dress here coz she was pregnant with KC Concepcion then. Pero chica pa rin! Gosh, those shoulder pads! I wonder why they're back in fashion. And the hair, dahling, the hair. Should've cost us the ozone layer to keep them hair stiffly up in the air.

Sharon's very pretty here though. I've always been a Sharonian and I remember I had her single in one of those black discs that you play in a bloody turntable. What do you call them again? In fact one of the pop songs I first learned was Bituing Walang Ningning coz I had her album in a small black thingie. They're called plaka!

It makes me cry every time I see Sharon these days. She looks like a freaking cathedral!

Thank God we still have videos like this to remind us of the good old days of Sharon Cuneta. She was probably the most popular star then. I love it when, courtesy of 80s TV technology, she's made to float over her fans. Classic, di ba?

Here's the video anyway. And do wait for it to end coz no other than German Moreno, the Master Showman ITSELF, will come out to greet Sharon.


fuchsiaboy said...

it's actually german moreno that shaped your fashion sense, di ba? what to do, aber?

<*period*> said...

german moreno ITSELF

sharoon looks like a cathedral

i really love your blog!

(you can contact me here, closed down my blog a few days ago eh)

kiel estrella said...

ako rin unabashed sharonian! (i'm sure this does not surprise you.)

as proof, we often have sharon sing-off sa videoke. kapapanood ko rin ulit ng madrasta, napaiyak na naman ako ng nanay ni KC.

'i've never been your partner, i'm just your wife.'


Lyka Bergen said...

I dont agree with ur statement that Sharon looks like a freaking Cathedral these days. As a matter of fact, she looks like a Mosque!

Quentin X said...

You may have just unearthed a memory of a distant past when I found myself pushed and shoved (physically violated even) in the mosh pit watching the Triplet Manilyn Tina and Sheryl at Philcite in Cebu. I have an unexplained phobia for celebrities since then. I shall have to go see a therapist to shove that memory back into oblivion.

kawadjan said...

Donita: Yeah, German Moreno and Isabel Granada (she of blue eyeshadow fame).

Period: Baket ka naman nagsara? Under renovation lang ba ito? I hope so.

Kiel: How true!!! Sharon all the way!

Lyka: How about a cathedral and mosque COMBINED???

Quentin: OMG, how do you spell fanatic? Hahahaha.


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