Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Liwayway's Birthday

Obligatory weekend report... if it's not too late yet.

Last Sunday was the 20th birthday of uber girl friend Ms Liwayway... one more year and she can legally drink alcohol.

But wait, doesn't she look 17? I swear, the concierge at the cinema still asks for her ID whenever we watch R-18 movies. I'm sooo not joking. I wish Liwayway would one day tell me what her beauty secret is.

But really, I have an idea. Liwayway consistently has the most positive disposition. I have many friends who are naturally sunny but she is simply on top of the list. And she has this child-like exuberance that's totally infectious. Don't we just wish there are more of her around us?

Let's go back to the weekend... Liwayway brought Bubbles and me to a restaurant near Asok. The place is called Crepes and Company (I'm not exactly certain) and it's set in a small, pretty garden brimming with... plants, what else?

Fortunately, Liwayway reserved a table outdoor, which was probably hard to get on a Sunday. The place is packed, I tell you. And there were gazillions of these little human-looking creatures running and screaming and crying all over the place. What do you call them again?

Otherwise, the restaurant was a very pleasant escape. It felt like we were not in the middle of the madness of Sukhumvit.

The crepes of course were the highlight of the afternoon (well, except for the company, needless to say). I don't really remember what we ordered; I guess I had something called Casablanca or some title of a black and white film.

And while Liwayway and I had another set of crepes for dessert, Bubbles dug deep into his ginormous serving of banana split. I crossed my self and prayed to the Virgin Mother when I saw that heap of sugar landing in front of Bubbles.

Apres lunch Bubbles and I went to Central World for some window shopping. I love window shopping with him coz he always stops me whenever I attempt to buy something (although I did insist on buying a polka dot bag last Sunday).

And then we stopped by Siam Square to visit a couple of galleries. At White Space, one of my favorite galleries in town, we found this exhibit of paintings wherein the artist used his own blood as medium. I love it!!!

So there that's my weekend report (looking straight at you, Gibo...).

I'm seriously occupied at the office this week and for the rest of the month so my posts would either be very brief or sporadic. I'm on Twitter though and that's where my whining and faggotry will be posted for the meantime. My account is @GirardPhilip.

Also, I'm looking forward to the visit of La Fuchsiaboy this Friday... straight from Las Islas Filipinas where he presented his latest collection.

I'm expecting yet another shopping marathon this weekend (at least for Fuchsiaboy).

No. I'm not going to spend... that's my mantra for this month. I'm like saving for this two-week trip in December and that's where all my energy and money are going.


Lyka Bergen said...

Your pictures bother me. It has an old 80's feel to it like MOD magazine cut-outs. I dunno if I like it or not.

Bubbles looks like a modern-day Tibetan high monk lost in Bangkok. And you? You're like his Laotian alalay. Chos!

Regards to Fuchsiaboy!

Yj said...

true to her name, Liwayway looks like the sunrise.....

happy birthday to her...

as for you and Bubbles, have a great weekend ahead.....

as usual, ngawngaw nanaman ako ng katatawa sa comment ni Lyka hahahaha

Bubbles said...

asan yong mga solo pics mo? I'm so disappointed (for the nth time) :))

L said...

I think Liwayway looks 16 going on 17... because she has friends like you who give her a chance to just 'be' :) But I heard madami na daw puting buhok yang Liwayway na yan? Pakisabi sa kanya magpakulay na ha. And those little creatures running around the garden, they're gremlin mutants I think. Don't you just think Bubbles' dessert was so sinful? But it looks nice :)

L said...

Pero alam mo, I have a feeling kalahi ni Benjamin Button yang Liwayway na yan... hmm...

kawadjan said...

Lyka: Hindi ako laos! Sikat ako mareh, seekat! Chowz.

YJ: I'm thinking of banning Lyka from this blog. He's like so agaw-eksena. Peace, Lyka!

Bubbles: I'm shy, gaga.

L: You said it!!! Ikaw nga si Benjamin Button. LOL. Time to wear diapers, love.


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