Monday, November 09, 2009

Must-Watch: 9 Songs and XXY

I had one major movie weekend and so I want to share two of the more remarkable films I saw the past two days.

9 Songs (2004) is one of those random movies I downloaded via torrent and it turned out to be surprisingly compelling.

It does not help of course that it is the most sexually explicit mainstream movies I've seen EVER (and that includes In the Realm of the Senses, which I also previewed this weekend). I'm talking about all the way sex here and the only thing that separates this film from real porno is that the former has beautiful cinematography and an intelligent story.

9 Songs is intimate, there's a poetry to their love-making. Watching the two lovers spend their time in bed feels very voyeuristic. Read more about the movie on its IMDB entry here.

Here's the trailer...

I also watched XXY (2007), an Argentinian movie about a 15-year old hermaphrodite, Alex, living in a secluded village in Uruguay. One day they get a visit from a doctor, who comes together with his wife and teenage son. The latter witnesses Alex as she discovers her sexuality and how her condition clashes with the people in the village.

The acting in the film is superb overall, but standing out is Ines Efron who portrays Alex.

The film could've been told in a more conventional manner, i.e. freak faces a harsh world. However, this is where the film excels because it chose to be very subtle, focusing instead on how Alex's family deals with her "disorder" (if I may call it as such).

This is definitely one of the best movies I've seen this year and I strongly encourage you to check it for your self.

To know more about the film, you may refer to its IMDB entry.


Melvin said...

Hehehe.. glad you saw these films too. 9 Songs is the most explicit mainstream movie I have ever seen... Though I still have to see In the Realm of the Senses....Is this available on torrent??

W. said...

Have you seen the film "Shortbus"? It ranks up there with the most explicit, and it's a great movie.

L said...

I like 9 Songs better than Realm of the Senses...I don't know why. I guess the former felt more real and the acting much more sensitive? Ah ewan, basta :) But 9 Songs and Shortbus really had actual penetration scenes. That's Reality Movie for you folks...

kawadjan said...

Melvin: Yeah, it's on torrent.

W: Yeah, I've seen Shortbus. It's not bad.

L: I agree on your points, dear.


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