Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Dear Santa...

It's been rather chilly here in BKK the past couple of days... and chilly means 22 degrees in the evening. Brrr...

If anything, the cool weather reminds me that Christmas is fast approaching and for sure Las Islas Filipinas is deep into the holidays already, at least starting September, di ba mga kababayan?

Christmas is so not my thing. It just does not go with my skin tone.

But then, I love receiving gifts, who doesn't, non? And since I know Santa Claus reads my blog, instead of sending him a letter to the North Pole, I might as well post my wish list here. I'm writing this early so he has enough time to pack them and send them to BKK.

Dear Santa, I know I've been a good boy this year. I have not been eating carbs since June and I have been refusing plastic bags from Seven-Eleven. Don't you think I merit a larger loot from you this year?

Santa, I really, really insist that you give me these stuff on Christmas day. I would even put up a Christmas tree this year so you'd know where to place the gifts when you visit my little room in the attic next month.

Now let's start, shall we, Santa? Do you have a pen and paper with you all ready?... Game!

A Canon G10. I heard they're releasing the G11 sometime next year, so if you can get it in advance please do so. I mean, try using your influence. You're Santa Fucking Claus after all.
One year subscription of Vogue Paris, Italian Vogue, American Vogue, i-D, Arena Homme Plus, Les Officiel Hommes, Dazed and Confused, Time Magazine, and Newsweek. Hmmm... Why don't you make that a three-year subscription so I don't have to bother you with this wish next year?

A Vespa... in black. Ciao!
Hope in a Jar... coz Oprah said so. Hmmm, make that a dozen bottles coz I don't want to ask it from you next year.
An air ticket to India... round trip of course. And no, Santa, I don't fly budget airlines. Like, HALER???

And if you can add a two-week stay in some ten-star hotel there, I would not mind of course. I'm like so tired of being a backpacker, you know.

An air ticket to Brazil. I haven't visited my home for... I don't know, I've lost count of the years.

I know it sounds like human trafficking, if not white slavery, but if you can add a Brazilian-Japanese into the package, well, I promise not to feed him carbs. Wait, make that two Brazilian-Japanese so that they can play with each other when I'm not around, no?


Lyka Bergen said...

Why are these Brazilian-Japanese guys hot like dogs? (Hotdogs gagah!) Pausuhin din kaya natin ang Russian-Filipino Hots!

Nanette Medved, where are you?

BTW, Hope in a Jar doesnt work in a tropical country like where you are now! Take it from me, gamit-gamit ko yan sa Pinas dati.... akala ng date ko, pawisin ang fez ko! Good luck!

and Santa is a saint, mind you! He doesnt wear Prada. So i say, goodbye to your Vogue-Italia (China and India kaya? baka pwede pa).

Teka, may fashion page ba ang Newsweek and Time Magazines? Himala! (Trivia: si Eddie Badeo ang nag design ng puting damit ni Nora sa pelikulang Himala. Chos!)

Magdasal ka na lang kaya kay Mary at baka bigyan ka pa nya ng Belo! (Ipa-tanggal mo ang buhok sa legs mo. Charoooot!)

Anonymous said...

People should definitely drink more of me everyday!

Found your tag line^

Yj said...

hihimatayin ako kay Lyka hahahahaha hilarious....

and yes ate, hindi ka pagbibigyan ni santa ginamit mo daw kasi ang salitang F******....

do these brazilian-japanese boys come in jars too? parang gusto ko yun....

JP aka handyman said...

baliw ka talaga, hahaha!

fuchsiaboy said...

hahaha! wish mo lang.

Jase said...

Hi Kawadjan...

And wish ko lang ay may all your wishes come TRUE talaga...

Can you pliz vote for me for Ms Lotus 2009...kailangan ko talaga ng vote mo sister, for goodness sake!

please tell your friendz too... salamat day!

mel beckham said...

Ay, Ate G sorry. Santa can't give you Aki and Daniel M. because I'll have them this Christmas. Chars!

P.S. Ate Lyka, nyahahahaha!

toxic disco boy said...

haha. mukhang mahihirapan si santa sau teh.

ay ako rin. jap-braz boys ftw.

L said...

Ang guapo nya!!!! Meron kayang Brazilian Japanese community sa Brazil, o baka kahit sa Japan malapit lang.. sama ako hahaha :)

kawadjan said...

Lyka: SONA redux much? BTW, get me Eddie Badeo on the phone. Does he still design?

Anonymous: Buwahahaha!!! Why not?

Yj: Brapanese in a Garapon. Bagong produkto, ning.

JP: I know, right?

Donita: Well, malay mo marinig ni Santa...

Melani: Pahiram! Pahiram kahit isang magdamag lang.

Jase: I voted na, mareh. Congrats sa win!

TDB: Keri lang, marami pang Brapanese where they come from.

L: I guess both sa Brazil and Japan may Brapanese. Halughugin natin ang mundo for them!


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