Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Kawadjan on Yvan Rodic's Blog... OH. EM. GEEE!!!

Like I can die now.




I appeared on Yvan Rodic's blog (that's Face Hunter's alternative blog)... Well at least my precious little brooches. Tse!

I mentioned in a previous post that we went to the Face Hunter party last Friday and that Yvan took photos of my brooches, which I bought from Siam Square a couple of months ago. So there, he posted the photo on the blog, along with the other fabulous pics of the party.

OK, I can like really die now.

See the entire post here.

Photo courtesy of Yvan Rodic.


Lyka Bergen said...

OMG! Nobody under 50 wears a brooch!

kiel estrella said...

wow. you've achieved fashion demi-icon status with your, ahermmmmm, brooch!

teka, bakit di kasama face mo sa pic? your pout would have sealed the deal.

fuchsiaboy said...

congrats sa brooch and tee mo. at least nasa blog sya.

akin na lang ang brooches ha.

kawadjan said...

Lyka: Tse! :-)

Kiel: Shy ako eh.

Donita: Asa ka pa! :-)


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