Monday, December 28, 2009


I'm sooo alive, you know.

I just happen to be deprived of internet access (what did I tell you about the Third World, aber?). And in the past five weeks I've zero privacy to speak of, much less time to contemplate about the recent events in my life, which might actually be a good thing.

But the point is... yes, I'm alive and kicking; to be precise, riding a very butch bicycle around the city and currently enjoying sunshine after weeks of rain in our city.

Regular blogging shall resume soon (make that next week when I return to Bangkok).

For the mean time, I just want to send big, wet kisses to my four readers and wishing you all a fierce, fabulous, and ferocious 2010.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kawadjan
Great to see you back blogging in this difficult time.
Here's to wishing you a FABULOUS 2010!
Ommi xx

Lyka Bergen said...

we miss u! Tse!

chris said...

it's great to know that you're finally back.

i admire your strength. btw, i am your silent fan/reader.

happy new year!

jayclops said...

hi gi. condolence. it's just now that i was checking blogs. and happy new year!

fuchsiaboy said...

can't wait to make tsika!

Jase said...

Read you soon :) HNY 2010!

meredel said...

oh yeah, im not 1 of the 4 readers, being only a lurker & visiting this blog rarer than occasionally. hahaha..
kissing u back, del

Kiks said...

go fer it!

love it! live it! bangkok!

ELAN said...

Hi I came to your blog by accident..But I really like your main page picture, the one with 3 shirtless guys.. May I know where did you find it? Thanks! =)

kawadjan said...

Ommi: Thanks. Wishing you a fierce 2010 too.

Lyka: Akoh rin.

Chris: Thanks for dropping by...

Jay: Thanks.

Donita: Malandi kah.

Jase: Happy New Year!

Del: Thanks for visiting, love. Sayang di tayo nagkita.

Kiks: How true! See soon!

Elan: Thanks for dropping by. I don't remember where I found that photo. Sorry.


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