Friday, January 22, 2010

Heidi's State Visit

Well, well, well... look who we have here?

Yes, dahling, La Heidi is back in BangCock. He is on a short state visit en route to his new life somewhere in Oceania.

Since early this week, La Heidi had been doing his duties as the ambassador of kabaklaan: opening orphanages for baklitas, feeding aged bayots with porridge laced with steroids, gracing premiere nights of the most recent gay porn movies, and speaking at benefit dinners galore.

But for the most part, La Heidi had been frantically running among the ateliers in Soi Nana and Banglamphoo. It was hours and hours of measurements, countless fittings and adjustments, and all the most resplendent fabrics were laid in front of the very discerning eyes of La Heidi. Embroideries were done by the delicate hands of cheap labor from neighboring countries.

Damn, La Heidi was not easily pleased of course, hence, a whole veil had to be redone, translating to three straight days and sleepless nights of re-beading.

This is how you do couture, dahlings.


fuchsiaboy said...

you seem hurried in your writing, dahling? is your mind somewhere else when you are doing this post? hmmmm... bakit kaya? ;)

Quentin X said...

BF material?

kawadjan said...

Donita: Please lang ha. Wag mang-intriga.

Quentin: Dios mio! Heidi is more of BFF!


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