Tuesday, January 26, 2010

In Cebu...

It had been a looong day. I woke up at 4:30 am, BKK time, to get ready for the airport. Total sleep, five hours after a long night of packing.
Lunch time we arrived in Manila. A leigh of sampaguita (jasmine?) flowers welcomed me at the airport and we were whisked to the VIP area. We did not even had to go through customs and immigration.

We moved to NAIA terminal 2... waited in a room just dedicated to the conference participants. We even had catered food. Not bad for a four-hour wait at the airport.

We left Manila early evening. Beautiful sunset! It was way beyond beautiful actually.

Arrived in Cebu. Women in Filipino costumes greeted us. More leighs. Our bags were loaded in a van. We were whisked to the hotel, a police convoy clearing the way for us. Pretty neat!

Meetings in the next three days. Could not be more than boring.

But at least I'd meet my mom, who is arriving from Surigao tomorrow. I cannot wait to see how she's doing. My brother, who works in Cebu, is also meeting us, and some cousins, and BFF Nikki.

Oh, I ate Cebu mangoes tonight. Simply the best!


Tres Taklesas said...

Cebu mango is the best! :)

Tres Taklesas

fuchsiaboy said...

enjoy cebu. i'm happy you've got time to see your mom and bro.

btw, if you go to ayala mall, look for bleach catastrophe. i think you will like their stuff.

and yung garage ha ;)

come back soon, wala ako kausap.

Bryan Anthony said...

cebu boys are better than the best mangoes cebu can offer! lols!

Lyka Bergen said...


mel beckham said...


Take a lot of pictures please.

kawadjan said...

Tres Taklesas: Indeed. Kain ako nang kain.

Donita: Mareh, walang bagong issue ng Garage!

Bryan: In fairview.

Lyka: Miss Universe?

Mel: I posted a few already. :-)


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