Monday, February 01, 2010

Danggit, Bai!

I arrived from Cebu last Friday evening, hence, a travel report is in order, chai mai? I know it's rather late but the weekend was busy as hell, with too many things to do (chief of which was buying a new bed... fucking FINALLY!) and catch up with friends and all.

There's really nothing much to say about the conference, except that it went well in general. I also met a few former colleagues from Manila, and that for me was the highlight of the event.

Oh, a few notes on the hotel. It's lovely but I had higher expectations from such an overpriced resort. I was largely underwhelmed by the facilities, to be honest, although the service was very warm, I have to note. I'm not supposed to complain anyway coz I did not pay for the accommodations.

Evenings, after the meetings, were spent with the family of course. My mom looks way better than when I last saw her last December. She decided to change treatments and the effects are showing. She could walk properly now and her spirit is considerably upbeat. I cannot be more elated.

My brother, on the other hand, is moving to Manille in about a couple of months. Should be exciting for him. It'd be his first time to live with my sister, who is not easy as a housemate, having lived with her for some years my self. Kidding, dahling! My sister is a gem (rolls eyes clockwise). Well, she really is (rolls eyes counter-clockwise)!

I also met a couple of cousins from my mom's side and of course Mansing.

And then I swapped updates with BFF Nikki and Philmar. We even managed to terrorize the hotel with hours and hours of camwhoring. Of course.

The next day, I was scheduled to meet again my mom and brother but they were like late so I had so much free time I decided to buy one shirt. And then the shirts just piled until at the end of the day I also snagged a pair of jeans from Bleach Catastrophe (which was on sale) and a pair of sandals for the summer, among other things. I swear I did not plan to shop, but of course we all know how impulsive I am with these things. Now I have to live on subsistence level for the rest of the month.

Anyhoot, before we left for BKK, my boss asked me to take him to the statue of Lapu-lapu, which is like three minutes by car from the hotel. Lapu-lapu is supposedly Las Islas Filipinas' first national hero after killing Magellan in the battle of Mactan. But what they did not mention in the history books is that Lapu-lapu went to the gym! Damn, those pecs!

We left for Bangkok last Friday, via Manille, where I met BFF Meredel at the airport. She's as divine as ever! We only had about an hour to spare before my flight took off. So we quickly updated each other on who's getting married among our classmates from the university. Gosh, there had been hordes of them getting hitched, and more to follow I learned!

Guess who got a safety pin pendant?
Oh, I brought some danggit from Cebu, what else, aber? I invited Liwayway and Bubbles to my house last Sunday. The kitchen and the office lobby smelled of dried fish the moment we started frying them, which we then dipped in vinegar. What else is there to do but eat with our hands, di ba?

We also had some calamansi juice, dried mangoes, and otap!!! It was a perfect Pinoy brunch. Liwayway also brought some white wine, hence, we were on the table for hours.


fuchsiaboy said...

it's really our family and friends that makes us go home in las islas filipinas.

now make that fashion diary post pronto! i want to see what you bought.

Man of the Rose said...

ganda welCUM home! teka saang hotel itech???

kawadjan said...

Donita: Pagoda ako to do the fashion post. I bought basics, nothing fancy.

MotheR: Shangrila Hotel Mactan.

Man of the Rose said...

kawadjan, thanx.

ano pala email add mo? email me:


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