Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Top List, 2009 Edition

I swear I had this list in my head since September and I planned to come out with my annual "top list" (for lack of a better term) last December. Obviously I did not get to do that coz I was marooned in Surigao.

I contemplated whether I should still come out with the list, after all it's already January and by now most bloggers have already released their respective lists of whatever achuchu and eklavoo.

But then I thought I should still capture my mood for 2009 in some way or another and coming out with a "top list" partly does that.

It will be an abridged list though. Whereas I used to mention my top three of this and that, I'd just go directly to my top choice for each category coz damn I'm the laziest bitch on this bank of the Chao Phraya.

Gosh, enough of the preliminaries...

Top Model: Karlie Kloss

Top Book (non-fiction): The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order (1996)
by Samuel Huntington

Top Book (fiction): Never Let Me Go (2005)
by Kazuo Ishiguro

Top Film (documentary): Burma VJ

Top Film (feature): Revolutionary Road

Top Dance Track: Single Ladies by Beyonce
(sorry Laddy Gaga, but you're a close second anyway)

Top Album: 19 by Adele

Top Trip: Las Islas Filipinas (June 2009)

Top Inspiration: Bangkok (it still is!)


Lyka Bergen said...

You didnt mention your Top Top! (Ay bastos, ako).

mel beckham said...

But Ate G, Gaga has better outfits?! Hahaha

Btw, ngayon ko lang nalaman. Top ka pala Ate. Charing!!

fuchsiaboy said...

tsaka top fashion look!

Yj said...

or top male model man lang... hihihii

a blessed, prosperous and happy new year sistah!!!


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