Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Visit

Quick update from the Bayot from Surigao... I'm doing this in an internet cafe. My PC decided to not work just when I have loads of updates. But that's all right; gives me reason to stop blabbering.

So yesterday my family went back to Las Islas Filipinas after staying here in Thailand for about a week. It was a frentic visit. I showed them around the usual tourist places in BKK as well as a train ride to Ayutthaya and an overnight trip to Koh Samet.

It was definitely fun being with them, and I could tell they also enjoyed their trip despite the rigid itinerary I imposed on them (buwahahahahaha). My mom enjoyed the klong (canal) tour. But in Ayutthaya, she finally said "Oh, that's look like what we saw earlier" when we reached our third temple. My brother and sister loved the beach of course. Unfortunately, I could not show them around the night spots in BKK as the curfew was still in effect when they were here.

One of the highlights of the trip was introducing Lara Stone to my mom, the first time I introduced a BF to her.

Sharing some photos below...


switful said...

cutie si brother ah...hihihi

Have fun teh *besos*

Boonsong said...

An interesting post with some excellent photos. You folks look cool, happy, and good together. Very refreshing.

I hope that you're PC will be feeling better soon.

All the best, B


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