Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Report: Useless Tofu Adobo

Some good-old weekend report...

I had the temerity to cook adobo for Lara Stone last Saturday. We met at the supermarket in Silom and we got some tofu in lieu of chicken or pork because Lara is a vegetarian. I could have ran to the nearby Filipino store for Silver Swan soy sauce but we did not have time for it.
Instead I used some Thailand-made soy sauce, which was too light for my taste. I ended up pouring a whole bottle of soy sauce into the pan of diced tofu. Of course we know how salty that would get. I poured out some of the soy sauce from the pan and added loads of sugar, which helped little in the salty situation I was caught up in.

But that was not the only cooking emergency that evening. The red rice we were cooking in the rice cooker had too much water, it was nearly porridge-like. I had to scoop out some of the water while it was boiling.

I don't know why I braved cooking for him that evening when I know very well that I'm not exactly a kitchen diva. I don't even like food, period. I tried to be the hero of course by refusing Lara's offer to help in the kitchen (what does he know about Filipino food, aber?). Instead, I left him on the couch watching a football game between The Netherlands and Japan. The result of the match surely made Lara happy.

Back to dinner. I served the dinner with trepidation and I even warned Lara that it was not how I wanted the adobo to taste like. But Lara was kind enough to eat the adobo tofu. He said in fact that it wasn't as bad as I proclaimed it was. And we all know he was just being polite.

I swear the tofu was uber salty. I even ended up dousing it with copious amounts of vinegar, which all the more made the adobo taste despicable. The rice was good though and we ate most of it and left the salty adobo alone.

Time to say goodbye to my dream of becoming a housewife.

The evening progressed to us watching 500 Days of Summer. It was a choice between Cinema Paradiso and the romantic comedy. Obviously we chose the right film. Hahaha.

I always wake up an hour or two earlier than Lara. Yesterday I took that time to read the first chapter of Miguel Syjuco's Ilustrado, which my sister gave me for my birthday.

When Lara woke up we had breakfast, after which he started massive cleaning of his apartment while I sat on the floor sorting out DVDs. The cleaning took the most part of the morning and we eventually treated ourselves to some laps in the pool at about noontime. I'm proud to report that I've significantly improved my freestyle. London 2012 here I come!

We took a ride to Little India in the afternoon to get some fabrics to drape his couch with. We decided to use three colors of fabric to give the living room a much-needed burst of color. I've never done fabric shopping before and it was quite a delight to rummage through rolls and rolls of dusty cotton.

Lara, I discovered does not like purple. I don't get it; tell me what's wrong with purple, aber?


fuchsiaboy said...

bona ang drama?

anteros' dominion said...


sana po naggisa kayo ng napakaraming sibuyas then hinayaan niyo lang pos iya until maging limp..makatutulong po yun para maging matamis yung adobo..

sana maganda yung ilustrado, i also want have a copy of that kasi

Boonsong said...

This is a lovely story, and beautifully told. Thanks for this.

Best regards, Boonsong

switful said...

Ayaw ng purple?? *roll eyes*

San you took photo of your adobo darling.

LOL sa statement "i don't even like food". Again. *roll eyes* hahahaha

SOLTERO said...

oh wow..adobo made of tofu hmmm wonder how that tastes like haha!

and i'm curious, why call him Lara Stone haha. does he have a gap between his teeth? lols!

JT said...

“Before one sleeps with someone, one should be able – if called upon to do so – to make them a proper omelette in the morning.” --Anthony Bourdain

Anonymous said...

OMG, i was just like SMS or a facebook message away to share with u some gossips errrr tips on preparing a decent adobo... but, then again, did you say TOFU adobo? Sounds challenging dish to prepare actually! Garlic and Onion always do wonders and Silver swan is the best condiment...but Datu Puti is second to none...etchos! Practice makes perfect so luto ka uli teh. ---Gossip Gal


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