Friday, June 25, 2010

Maggie's Back!

Well, well, well... look who is in town?
Yes, it's my sister from my Chinese mother... Maggie Cheung. She lived in BKK for six months last year for an internship at my office. During that time she and I were hanging out together like crazy. It helps of course that she is into shopping and partying too!

It has been a year since she went back home but we had kept in touch through these months. Maggie is nearly finished with university and is trying to embark on a career in her native Macau.

Despite her busy schedule, she took the time for a holiday in BKK. She came with her BF, Kenneth. We had the chance to catch up last Tuesday at an Indian restaurant.
Right now, Maggie Cheung and Kenneth are enjoying the sea and sand of Koh Samet.

It's definitely wonderful to see again an amazing friend.


maki said...

you are filipino? hehe gee. great blog. followin you. love thailand. my pardner has a place in rajtheevee area but havent been there for over a year now. definitely look a lot here to get updated :D

Boonsong said...

A lovely account and fabulous photos. I'm really enjoying your blog.
Thanks for posting.

All the best, Boonsong


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