Monday, June 28, 2010

Imagine Peace

I made a trip to one of my favorite buildings in BKK, the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre. Let me remind you first how it looks like inside. The lines and light of the building are truly elegant, and the space never fails to inspire me even if I've been there so many times.
On my visit last weekend, one of the floors had an exhibit of students' works.
Another section had a show titled "Be Skeptical." Quite a good number of quirky multi-media pieces in this floor. Here are some of the works that struck me.

The main exhibit is called "Imagine Peace: Contemporary Art in Thailand in an Age of Disorder," which is organized by the Ministry of Culture "to heal the emotional emotional wounds of the people and to recover Thailand's public image" as well as "(to) encourage artists to create art works to express their desire for peace in Thai society." Hmmm...

Check out this piece by renowned artist Louise Bourgeouis, which is part of this exhibit.
Also there are two pieces by one of Thailand's premiere artists and architects, Sumet Jumsai.
 More beautiful artworks below...

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maki said...

gee that's beautiful art. we never really paid attention to those invites and schedules on the magazines cuz we're too busy doing our business and catching up with friends at the polo club but surely next time ill invest some time to go there and look at the other art museums.


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