Monday, January 31, 2011

I Heart 'Cheeze Looker'

Among the many Thai magazines I love, I never fail to buy the monthly issue of Cheeze, the magazine covering street style in Bangkok (see previous entry). In December 2010, Cheeze released the first issue of the exclusively male street style magazine, Cheeze Looker (see Facebook page).

I can't be more thrilled!

Bangkok's men are no doubt as fashionable as the women here; and with such a wealth of stylish men around, why not devote a separate magazine for them, chai mai? I guess among the young men in this city, when they pay attention on how they look they don't think they're being robbed of their masculinity. Cheeze Looker is, thus, a celebration of the fashionably daring Bangkok man.

Over the years, I observed that K-pop is the reference for Thai fashion, men's fashion included. Think of how a typical Korean pop star is styled: spiky hair, skinny jeans, dark colors, and pointed shoes. The weakness of the fashionable people in Bangkok is they also tend to get trendy. There are easily dozens and dozens of these men walking around Siam Square looking like they come from the same K-pop cookie cutter.

And then late 2009 through the rest of 2010, men sported the dorky look (I don't know how else to call it really). Basically, button down shirt, tapered pants and folded a few inches above the ankles, and some leather shoes sans socks. I'm still seeing plenty of them around until now; and honestly, it's the easiest way to tell who's gay. (Samples are found below.)

Fortunately, Cheeze Looker's editors and photographers know exactly the hackneyed looks. There is barely space for such non-original styles (well, there are a few cliches here and there). Overall, the magazine features lots of quirky and unique looks, with lots of individuality and experimentation.

I love the nonchalance of these men on the pages of Cheeze Looker; proof that style is not what you're wearing but how you wear the clothes.

On top of documenting the zeitgeist on the street, Cheeze Looker is also a style guide through its editor's picks. And like Cheeze, it also functions as a shopping guide, thus, making the magazine indispensable for those who are keen on exploring the fashion scene in the city.

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Kiks said...

the look they seem to be sporting was very nippon male fashion circa september 2009. i remember walking around osaka's youth district and i saw these very cute hunkies (mostly in their 20s and 30s) exactly in that exact get-up albeit in bolder colors. and the belts they wore were just as bold. delish!

(sadly, hong kong men seem to have lost that "it".)


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