Friday, April 01, 2011


My sister and Don have been together for eleven years. They celebrated their anniversary by finally getting married last Wednesday. I couldn't think of a better match for each other: they're both chilled and quirky.

So for their wedding, they decided to make as little fuss as possible. Had their mothers not insisted on getting a church wedding, they would've just went to the judge instead. Anyway, so they went to church and did the whole priest thing. I walked her down the aisle along with my mom.

And then they had a very simple reception attended by my sister's close friends from Davao and a bevy of relatives, mostly from her side. There could've only been a little over a hundred guests.

Don and my sister ditched the cheesy parts of conventional weddings. No cutting of the cake, no stupid doves, no throwing of the bouquet, no speeches (save for some words of thanks from the couple), no horrendous give-aways, and no dances. We ate at the reception and took some photos. That's it.

Because the reception ended early, we went to karaoke after that.

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Anonymous said...

Quite right. The marriage is more important than the wedding.


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